Are there differences?

Jo Canadian
Is this attitude just in the interior? Or is it just me?

I had spent some time In Kelowna when I was doing school, and I found that many of the people were rather aloof/stuck up/or high on themselves. All in all it wasn't a nice experience.

I've visited Trail and found the people there to be more down to earth, and I have heard that Vancouver people are much different also.
I have lived in Fort St. John, Kamloops and Prince George the common theme is BC ends at Hope.

They (Not Kamloops so much) were jealous, hostile and hateful toward anyone from Vancouver or the Island. I don't know why.

I unfortunatly lived in Fort St. John for six years and they had a terrible hate for Lower-mainlanders and Islanders. They would refer the lower mainland people as thieves etc. They thought Vancouver stole all their Oil and Forestry money etc and that they belonged in Alberta not BC. A bunch of unhappy people if you ask me.
there are huge differences. a lot of people that now occupy the interior have migrated from other parts of canada...namely the prairies. they bring with them a farmer mentality.....and i have witnessed it over the years especially in penticton - gawd awful place - where you even think about thinking outside the box and you are run out of town! they loved preston though, and always had a sold out show for him!! yup, they don't like those foreigners who were actually born and raised here, that's fer sure
Come to the island joe, we never do any thinking in the black box :P
yeah jo, you're missing your calling
Hey don't lump us loopers in that gang Kelowna,s full of people that think there **** don't stink >We here hate Kelowna The traffic there is ****ty the lake turns into a slew and the people think they live in Wets Van or something :P Us loopers are a pretty easy going bunch just ask Ten Packs As far as Van goes i lived there for 22 years and i will never go back.We have the best freshwater fishing in BC big Pand the camping is out of this world so come on up we welcome all
Some people on the Island are extremely strange.....

I grew up on Vancouver Island......I found that people who choose isolation tend to be less friendly and more suspicious. When I visit the island now I tend to receive many hostile stares.

Mind you not all those on the island are like this....just those who are their to get away from "the big city"
Jo Canadian

Come to the island joe, we never do any thinking in the black box

I'd love to check out the Island, but I'm on the Island on the opposite end of the country eh.
PEI is gorgeous! i loved it there 'cause of all the neat architecture...and the red sand! lobster meals were pretty good too! and the beautiful green fields and blue sky. my god, it is one pretty island i tell ya! yeah, ol' pea and i had better get serious about a road trip sometime much to see and so little time!

Hey don't lump us loopers in that gang Mad Kelowna,s full of people that think there **** don't stink >We here hate Kelowna

thank god! kelowna to me seems to be a real 'twinkie' kinda place. i don't think i would last long there. have lots of relatives in the area, but it kinda looks plastic. now kamloops is a great place - a real town - with real industry. not just this tourism garbage. i love kamloops, especially with the river running thru it and those beautiful rolling hills. we are pretty lucky in canada to have so much scenery...where else can you go from an island, to a large city, to a desert, to scrub land, to forests - all that in one province! let along heading across the great nation to see everything in between
Jo Canadian
It's a good trip if you use the road. My last road trip by motorbike took me from Pei to Kelowna. Lots of fun, but drivers are stupid once you hit the maritimes. There is a difference between stupid drivers and aggresive. You'll notice it when you come by this way.
Potatoes and lobster two of my favorite foods yum .My wifes been to PEI and she loved it but i've never been.We've put it on our list of places to go when we drag the kids across Canada next year we hope!
yeah mom, take the trip with the kids, it is amazing just how vast this country is. ask pea about her road trips across country - she has lots to say on the subject too
oh yeah, and don't forget those wonderful lobster suppers. my god, i am drooling here at my desk.......those homemade biscuits. you knows what else i use to love was the hot gingerbread with the lemon sauce on top. acck, i gotta stop this! we use to get that at a little diner out near peggy's cove. it was unbelievable. i had never eaten hot gingerbread before then, and i love it!
Oops, forgot to turn of guest posting for new forums.
I thought the guest sounded alot like galaniomama :P I would really like to see the atlantic provinces, especially newfoundland. And yes I have been across canada many times, but only as far a Quebec. One trip in particular I remember was on the train. I think I was 17 than, school had just gotten out for the summer, and we had made merry celebrating I was not home at the appointed curfew and my mother told me I was grounded for the rest of the summer. So I emptied out my bank account from working every darn weekend so I could enjoy a fun summer, and I got a train ticket and headed to grandma's house on the shores of lake huron....ehm...I guess I should have told my parents...but I was miffed :P
Newfoundland is really nice... hard to get to though. If you're in the Atlantic provinces, check out the Fundy area of N.B., and make sure you go to Halifax! One of the nicest cities around imho!

I was in Comox area a few months ago. I left the cold & snow in T.O., and you lucky buggers are out golfing in shorts & tee shirts! The sight of the mountains out there always blows me away.
Ten Packs
jo, I've spent the last 33 years in either Vernon or Kamloops, and have close friends in Summerland. mrmom is right. Kelowna is full of self-centred, latte'-slurping, Volvo/Lexus driving, tofu-munchers who think their city is Paradise - when in fact, its the Surrey of the Okanagan! Mile after mile after friggin' mile of strip-malls, car-lots, burger-joints and gas stations.

I wouldnt live there for a million dollars, and a bj a day.....

Also, it's a little-known fact that 80% of the people in Kelowna didn't intend to move there - they were just driving through on vacation. But by the time they finally got to the bridge, they were RETIRED.....
Funny, but I love Surrey.
Ten Packs
No offence, twila.
When I was in grade 8 way back in October 1980, we went on a Camping trip to Montague Harbour Marine park on Galiano Island, with our "exploring nature class". We had to walk from ferry terminal. It was the most beautiful part of BC. I have ever seen and still is to this day.

The people were very friendly, it was breathtaking scenery, saw deer and grouse, mild climate (it would have to be to camp in a tent in October).

The only problem I had was a racoon broke into my tent and stole my cookies.
Blah! there is some good target practice It must be just me, no matter where I go I never really find people stuck up, you can pretty much find something in common with most people.
But I must say that islanders are just a little different, they are on island time, and I am not talking about people that move here, I am talking about people who have lived on this rock most of their lives. Islands have they own kind of evloution happening :P the kootenays tho, what a place, its so beautiful there, last time I was around revestoke, I thought I had descended into tibet, the mountains there are so humbling, nature at its best
British Columbia is beautiful. Some people who live there dont deserve it. When I lived in Victoria I found that they wont hire you due to your qualifications. If you were not from the island, they weren't interested. And some of the places I applied at had interesting people working there. I think Revelstoke is awsome. However, visiting a place is alot different then trying to live there.
Thats true gonzo, even here in lotusland its not what you know, its who you know One day you will rise from the ashes gonzo and return to british columbia and continue with your art work. You have talent.
Very kind of you Peapod. I do want to go back, to visit (as I now have some friends there who'll let me stay with them) and then to retire. If I could work there I would. It is the nicest place in Canada when it comes to climate and scenery.

the kootenays tho, what a place, its so beautiful there, last time I was around Revestoke, I thought I had descended into tibet, the mountains there are so humbling, nature at its best

You should see the other side of those mountains Pea I've rid my sled pretty much from Sicamous to Revelstoke through the tops and backsides of those mountains you see,Its one of most beautiful places on earth .Ya just have to watch for moose early in the year those big bastards have a hate on for sleds they stomp one or two a year.When there on the trail you stop get of your sled and run
Haggis McBagpipe
While it is true that you will find both good and bad people anywhere, towns and cities do develop certain qualities that reflect the nature of the majority of residents, or at least that of the local 'ruling class'.

Over the years we have lived in redneck nut-job towns, liberal weenie towns, big cities, small villages... in Canada, the U.S. and Europe. Inevitably, we have made comparisons, and our fifteen year 'sentence' (career) in Kelowna has created a dislike for the place that grows with each passing year. It is a heartless, soulless community, a town of boosterism, endless vanities, and good ol' boy manipulations, all rolled up into one big polluting fattie guaranteed to make you high on the place if you're willing to believe the hype.

We plan to make our escape before we become so hopelessly Kelownianated that we can no longer crawl our way back up into the fresh air.
liberal weenies, I think I will keep that one. Believe it or not haggis, I am glad to see you back :P guess your here to reclaim your postion has top poster :P just kidding now
thanks for showing haggis, good to have you back!
Haggis McBagpipe
Thanks for the welcome, guys, it is kind of strange to be back.

Pea, I got the 'liberal weenies' thing from JibJab's hilarious political video 'This Land': (external - login to view)

I won't be a contender for top poster, not if I can help it. I'll be sticking mostly to read-only, with an occasional venture into read-write. By god, that is my intention, although my good intentions do go by the wayside often enough.

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