Artistic Expression/The Written Word/Speak Your Mind

Everything is Energy and Information ..The rest is recyclable( Dead,Waste )..

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Fools Gold

All that Glitters is Not Gold...Gold is not God...Is not the Sun ....( It's Just shiny.Fool )


Behold The Truth / The Truth Be Told...
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Janes Addiction - Irresistible Force - YouTube

- Janes Addiction - Irresistable Force..Great Song\Lyrics.....Lead singer; Perry Ferrell , ...perhaps just a little too... Flamboyantly Glamourous and Glittery for me..,,.( Made me uncomfortatble watching him..Got me questioning my masculinity a little too much.Maybe....hmmm,mmm anyway ..I mean ....)...

Janes Addition, as much as I try to write them off as just another Glittery Glam band..They're always able to create a couple tunes, with each new project, that Makes it /Takes it/Transcends/Elevates/Levitates it, on to, a whole new level of..
Amazing!...( in my opinion anyway ) ..
" Creeping, Crawling,...Walking,Running,...Flying, Soaring,...But where you going?" - Absolute Truth - By Odds R' Evolution..
#94 (external - login to view) - Inspired by " We have to stop bombing people " .Thread ....

We created (nuclear )power to :;" Bomb Them " (? )
If we used(re-used) (nuclear) power(waste) to better Sustain/Maintain the energy needs, of all ..All would be better off ...


We discover, create and make it; Sustain/Maintain it..Or misuse, abuse it, and lose It; All ..


That's why I say.... Invading aliens, will be; if not peaceful... Simply ignorant, or, in the least... Care,.. None the less....OR ELSE... They would never have made it to this planet...


Al(l)together; We Gotta Get Out There/To Somewhere, equal to, if not greater than here. Try not to blow (ourselves) up; due to lack of Energy/Control , in the Progress /Process ..

Is all about Energy and Information ..The Rest is Recyclable...( a waste )

Peace...Over and Out There From Here..
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Too often I wish I didn't have to eat or sleep....Although, at least when I sleep, I dream; feel no hunger.

A Starving Insomniatic Artist.
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Too often I wish I didn't have to eat or sleep....Although, at least when I sleep, I dream; feel no hunger.

A Starving Insomniatic Artist.

I'm an overfed insomniac artist with a heart condition. So there! Come to Nakusp and you will be fed and we can roam the streets at night looking for trouble. The police go to bed at 9pm so the town is ripe, although, we might have to compete with the junkies and crackheads for things to get in trouble with.
Not sure I get ya Cliffy(?)....I'm a Good/Honest/Dedicated Artist/Entertainer; perhaps why I'm also,.. A Starving Insomniatic Artist.
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Here's something I've been working on; (external - login to view)-"Caveman Uhuh Meets The Super Unknown"(An^3 Project).
(Another Thankless Self Promotion)
Where women are treated as Queens; Men are Dogs.
Where men are treated as Kings; Women are *****(cats).

(...they will fight like cats and dogs; until opposites attract, and both make up(always the best part)...
, then all will be Equal once more..until the balance is upset and so begins the cycle again)

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Beautiful (Bi)Lesbian Women Will Win the World ...( Through Process of Elimination )
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Caveman Uhuh Meets The Super Unknown, by B.Fish (external - login to view)

A seemingly, somewhat normal Caveman named Uhuh (yes, that's his name ) Meets The Super Unknown( +so much more ) in this comical, up beat, adventure, with a twist .

Best part...It's FREE!
So Enjoy...

Caveman Uhuh Meets The Super Unknown, by B.Fish (external - login to view)


Katatonia - Dead Letters taken from Dead End Kings 2012 - YouTube

I'm getting the shakes( again ), I need my Katatonia Fix!...I am admittedly, uncontrollably addicted to Katatonia..I NEED MORE KATATONIA>>EVER MORE OF THE BEST BAND EVER!!!!..OH YEAH!!..Definitely gonna buy it...Cuz I need to listen ....OVER AND OVER AGAIN.!!..I NEED MORE KATATONIA!....
Hi, My name is B.GreenFish66, and I AM Addicted to Katatonia!! (external - login to view)
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A guy goes into a bawdy house then he comes out.
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A guy goes into a bawdy house then he comes out.

Good one..

Give the guy a hand( or two )..
( cuz for all the money spent ($100 a shot) ...It's never worth the time.(lousy 20minutes((?)))
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Get in the bed
So i'll f*** you

..M.D.!......Crudely Unoriginal; deserving of a thumbs down; a Big BOOO, and a volley of Tomatoes ..!

Not to mention completely uncalled for, and need I say, Unacceptable ..
....on any other thread but this one......

Where'd you hear that one?...Jeff Ross?
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BGreenfish66 | Guelph, ON, CA | Metal / Hardcore / Hard Rock | Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos | ReverbNation (external - login to view)

Blast The Past !- B.GreenFish66; The Sang- Freud Years.

Feel FREE to check it out.

It is what It is .

Enjoy . (external - login to view)

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BGreenFish66 - YouTube (external - login to view)

BGreenfish66 | Guelph, ON, CA | Metal / Hardcore / Hard Rock | Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos | ReverbNation (external - login to view)

The BGreenfish66 Store (external - login to view)

lol ...Sorry ..Thankless Self Promotion..Couldn't help myself.
( wanna see links ? ..Just become a member ( it's FREE!) )

Feel Free to leave your thoughts/comments/Art/Music..etc.. on/about ...Well..Whatever...

All; are Always welcome(to post) Here..(even you )
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Muse? Same time tomorrow?

It’s 2:28 Am and I am up.

Why? Well, because my head is filled with snot and my neck hurts.

Why else would I be up?

In my headphones Eric Burden drunkenly sings about the Sky Pilot and I wonder why it is I can’t think of something profound to pound into the white abyss of this empty page.

The rhythmic beat that pulls me in and sends my fingers dancing across the keys is nowhere to be found on this snot filled aching neck morning.

Now Eric Burden has been traded in for Bobby Dylan singing. “Johnny’s in the basement mixing up the medicine.” How the hell does Dylan keep the lyric straight? Is this the first rap song?

Where was I?

Oh yeah, profound thoughts mixed with snot and muscle relaxers. I don’t have any muscle relaxers, but man I could use a few. My neck feels like it is made up of bands of steel bound by endless clichés. Now I’m just being foolish, but on the up side I’m listening to the new Rush album Clockwork Angels and man I gotta say that these three Canadian Rockers who have been ignored by the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame have certainly aged very well. How the heck does Snoop Dog beat Rush into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame anyway? He’s not a rocker?

I just checked the time. It’s 2:47 now and half of the white abyss is gone with this self indulgent drivel about snot, rock n roll and my obvious procrastination in getting down to business on some real writing.

I could just go upstairs and wake my women. Suggest we make love in the darkness while the beagle snores a few feet away. Yeah, that’ll work. “Hey Honey.” [Insert sucking snorking sound of mucus moving to and fro] “I’m in the mood for loving.”
Okay, screw it, maybe I can just beg for a neck rub.

Earlier she caught me listening to a Bee Gees song. Staying Alive, I think that’s what it was. She came downstairs yanked the headphones off my head and I realized that that I was blasting that particular dark secret through the house. That was somewhere around 1:45 Am

Talk about embarrassing. I’m supposed to be a rocker not a disco duck.

Anyway, I have no idea where I was going with this. The page is almost full and I’ve accomplished little except come out of the closet on disco, blow any chance at lovemaking and completely avoid working on my novel.

This is your fault you know. I’m going to finish listening to Rush and pack it in.

Same time tomorrow?
I took a peice of music recorded by an excellent British group of old players after it had been chopped up by Japanese and I did this with it using Australian semi-open source software called Anvil. (external - login to view)
Shelly's Way
A short Composition by MJ Preston

I found her that day waiting by the river and though my heart beat in my chest like a jack hammer I tried very hard not show it. She was shivering, her skin white from the cold, her hair clinging to her head like spider web. This was the third time I’d found her out here, the third those idiots at the halfway house looked the other way and she wandered off.

I wondered how long it would be before I got that call, the call that would come far too late. I could hear it play out again and again inside my head.

“Hello, Mr. Bachman. It’s about your sister, I’m afraid there’s been a terrible accident.” The voice on the phone would say in a fallacious tone relinquishing itself of all blame. But it wouldn’t be an accident, it would be incompetence that would end my sister’s life.

“Shelly? Why do you keep coming here,” I ask, but I already know. She looks past me to the water that is flowing hard against the rocks and she is so far away, to a passerby she could easily mistaken for blind. “Shelly?” I place a tender hand on her chin which is icy cold.

“He calls to me Jimmy,” she answers. “He wants me to come.”

I slide in beside her, my frame much larger than hers and pull her close. She stares out into the icy water and beyond the confusion I know that this is her one constant. “He really calls to you sweetheart,” I ask hugging her tight.

It is in moments like these I want to cry in the hope that my kid sister will understand that her madness is not only hurting her but me as well, but the tears will be wasted. She has been gone for far too long and where she presides there are no road maps to lead back to the land of the living. My voice is just that, a call that travels across the expanse of her mind and reaches into that faraway place. I think of my sister standing at the edge of a rock cliff overlooking an abyss of fog and rain. I see her standing there, not unlike she is now and listening to me, even responding, but she is not here.

“Yes Jimmy, he is in the river. His spirit rides the rapids. He calls on me to come here and be with him. He’s lonely Jimmy. He misses me, and I miss him.” She holds the river in her gaze, oblivious to my hands trying to massage the cold out of her bunched shoulders.

“I miss him too. He was beautiful,” I say and a tear spills over my lid and down my left cheek. She speaks of David, our brother, who is not in this river or place, but in Shelly’s world that hardly matters. My voice cracks and I pull her in even tighter. “Come back to me Shelly, I need you sweetheart.”

She rocks under my embrace.

She doesn’t look up at me. She is in her far off place. “I love you too Jimmy, but he needs me more.” A smile creases her lips and it is Shelly’s way. “You’re strong Jimmy, God made you that way, David needs me more than you and I need him,” that smile says.

And while I hold my sister, the onlookers watch as the waves crash violently against the rocks indifferent to our tragedy. I think that she is not really the victim, not a casualty, but the lucky one who has retreated from the truth. I wish I could join her and hold her hand at the edge of the fog and the rain.

Forty five years ago the St Lawrence took my brother, and ten years ago she began slip away. My beautiful vibrant sister. They call it schizophrenia, but I call it the ghost of the St. Lawrence.

“Come on Shelly,” I say. “Let’s go back.”
- "SinNeater" Cover Art

SinNeater By BFishBGreenFish66 - YouTube

- Music/Video - SinNeater (external - login to view) - youtube/bgreenfish66 (external - login to view) - reverbnation/greenfish66

- Cover Art For " Something Strange "

quotSomething Strangequot By BGreenFish66MMacRoostar - YouTube

- Music/Video - Something Strange (external - login to view) -

The Greenfish66 Store (external - login to view) - GreenFish66 Store

Enjoy, Peace
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Who's To Say? (What's To Come)

Whos To Say Whats To Come By BGreenFish66MMacRoostar - YouTube

- Music/Video - Who's To Say?(What's To Come.) (external - login to view) -

The Greenfish66 Store (external - login to view) - GreenFish66 Store

BGreenFish66 - YouTube (external - login to view) -

iTti. Is, What It Is.

Just Enjoy

It's Free.


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An Oscillation In The Ocean

Make your own stream with a chance others will Contribute; Become a New Tributary.


Go with the Flow; Add to the Current; Cause a Wave in the Mainstream..

An Oscillation In The Ocean
Forgive; Never Forget.Continue To Move Forever Positively Forward Into The Future...
Stories From The Street Walls (Shh... The Walls have Ears.They Also Speak; In Echoes..If You listen.)

Found; A Genius Lost In His Own Mind.

Guy doesn't look mental.
Some would say that's the problem.Why he puts up with so much abuse.
He doesn't think he's mental..
Really he isn't..Just couldn't find what suits him..
He is a genius at a lot of things..
Yet can't grasp some other more common ideas..
Passed from job to job...Life on the streets...kicked from shelter to shelter..Outcast..Misfit...
There was one who knew..After time..1 Great Lady..A Lady of Faith..Hope..Our Great lady...Helped him find his way..

He was excellent with computers...could take them apart and put them back together with ease; like a Rocket Scientist might a Kids Toy Model Rocket...

He now makes a fine living, working at a computer recycling facility, despite his struggle with Asperger's Syndrome.


Caught in the Loop of Lunacy

Lady was kicked out of social housing after drug bust at her place..
Band from returning...
Hooked on crack...
Stayed at shelter for some time...Limited Time ...little more allowed than 30 days..
Was offered a place from a caring friend...No questions asked..Offered the whole upstairs; with few conditions...No drugs...No alcohol...No unfavorable's...She had to attend drug counselling; seek help..
She did not accept this friends hand..
Instead she used the system to plead, through tears, her situation ..She was given mercy..Forgiven of all she had been convicted of; and jumped the infamous 82 week social Housing waiting list, to end up where she started..In Social Housing hooked on Crack...Still caught within the loop of lunacy...


Never To Old To Go Home - ( An Invitation From Mom..)

Lady I know...Stayed by me ..For a little while...
Said she had no where to go...
She stayed in shelters...Here and there..
Met her time and time again ...Still she would stay ...Nowhere..
She fought with Many Afflictions and constant addiction ..Her stay with me never long...
The one person she fought with most ..Was her Mom..And the Invitation; to come home...
After months on the streets..with me...and in shelters...
She was given a place .. Ahead of the rest, on the Social Housing Waiting list...
She now lives, on her own...Afflicted, Addicted...For how long..Who knows...
Her mom still calls..Invites her home...


FIRE! FIRE!!!...( No need for alarm )

He wanted to roast his wieners...Make some hot-dogs..But he had no means of cooking them..
So he checked out the regulations ...That said ...You could have a fire in your back yard...As long as it was a certain distance from your place.
He proceeded to follow the rules: Dig a Pit...Find some large stones to surround the pit...He even found a grill to place on top of the pit...And a Bucket of Water..
He started a fire ...Not too small...Not to large..An Adequate Fire, one just perfect for a wiener roast..He even invited others to join him..There were lots of hot-dogs to share..More than he could ever eat on his own...
FIRE!...FIRE!!!! - People shouted..Look at that man ...Roasting hot-dogs over that fire...
Police Cars..Ambulance...Fire Engines...Screamed to the Fire...Kicked over the Bucket of water, while only but having, to stomp out, the fire ...

The man was Bewildered as to why all the fuse ..He had followed all the rules.He saw no harm in the fire..He invited everyone around...It was just a wiener roast..He was hungry .." Why all the fuss Officer..?" He asked..

"..Not allowed to have a fire in a parking lot......" was the response.

This man was evicted from his place...His room ...He has jumped from shelter to shelter..never able to find a home..and has been on the infamous 82 week Social Housing waiting list for about 52 weeks now..With still 82 weeks left to wait...He has been homeless..On the streets for most of that time...I speak with him often..He sits by me, and talks non stop, from time to time.Where few Stop.None, for long..Against This Wall..
Still to this day sees nothing wrong with what he had done..He laughs about it ..As do I ...Albeit, I, for added reasons..

When he does leave, back to where ever it is he now goes...
" Camping " he says ..
I've been invited, but am yet to go..
I can't help but wonder. Kinda funny is the first.. ending; somewhat disturbed, concerned...
Perhaps one day I'll ask..
Where exactly it is, he lives?
Where does he eat..?
And most of all; where it is, he roasts his wieners, now ?



If You won't Choose; your choice.
If you won't use your voice.
What you'll get, is what you'll get, And what you'll Get, is Mine!.

If you won't choose your voice.
All you'll hear is mine(And you might not Like it).

Thanks to All for Reading/Listening
I Thank-You, for your Time...
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He Roams The Halls; Then The Land...Hope, Faith, Dream... It Will Be.

He roams the halls; then the land.
As the poor rise, like salt water; tears.
The boot overflows as sure as the tide will rise.
But all is not yet lost.
His feet are not dirty; Nor are his hands.
The water is clean; as the future is clear.
As clear as future with Hope, Faith, and Dreams;
brings strength.
Bring on tomorrow;
and with it a promise, a better way, another day;
Come true...Soon.
The promise will be; bring truth.
Although soon, is never soon enough.
It will be.

__________________________________________________ _________
__________________________________________________ _________

Peace-Keepers, Like Freedom-Fighters, Are Not Passive...


Heaven Above.
Save Us.
From This Love.

Eyes Above.
Save Us.
From The Forbidden One.
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