Stephen Fry in America

I am really enjoying this series on HDNet as Fry travels to all 50 States in an English Cab. The third episode has him in Montana visting the Homeland Security Agency Border Patrol. They make a big deal out of the ability to respond within eight minutes to an intrusion of the 49th. Fry then goes to the border with an officer who he has to remind is actually walking on the Canadian side! Love his coments that a lot of Candians don't seem to be trying to get accross.
Contrast that with Mexico and Texas later in the same episode #3.
I really loved Jeeves and Wooster with him and Hugh Laurie. It was a wonderful series.
Indeed. He was born to play the role of Jeeves (same as Laurie is a natural in the role of Wooster. I have the entire collection of Jeeves and Wooster episodes.

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