Doctor Who named as 'most successful sci-fi show ever' by Guinness World Records

British TV series Doctor Who has been named the most successful sci-fi show ever.

It has already been awarded a Guinness record for the world's longest-running sci-fi series - it has been on our screens since 1963.

The new series - Series 31 - returns in 2010, and there will be a new Doctor. As well as being the 11th Doctor Who, Matt Smith will also be the youngest.

There have so far been a whopping 752 episodes of Doctor Who.

Doctor Who is an alien, a Time Lord, who hails from the planet Gallifrey. As of the present, Gallifrey has been destroyed and the Time Lords are extinct, with only two known surviving members: the Doctor and his cloned daughter Jenny.

The Doctor travels in a time machine known as the Tardis, which looks like a 1950s style London police box. This is due to the fact that its chameleon circuit, which helps disguise the machine, is faulty, leaving it locked permanently in that shape.

Over the years he has fought a variety of baddies, most notably the Daleks, evil mutants from the planet Skaro encased in tank-like mechanical armour.

Skaro is a planet of roughly the same mass and dimensions as Earth, and the twelfth planet from its sun. It has a single continent that is divided into east and west halves of almost equal size. When the Doctor first visited the planet in the 1963 serial The Daleks, Skaro is a nuclear wasteland, whose principal features are a petrified forest, a lake containing ferocious failed Dalek mutations, and the Dalek city.

Doctor Who named as 'most successful sci-fi show ever'

Doctor Who has been awarded the title of 'most successful' sci-fi series ever by Guinness World Records.

By Jeni Oppenheimer
29 Jul 2009
The Telegraph

David Tennant, who is being replaced as Doctor Who by Matt Smith Photo: PA

Craig Glenday, Guinness editor-in-chief, presented the award on Sunday in San Diego at Comic-Con, a comic book and art fair event.

After handing the award to the show's producer Russell T. Davies, Mr Glenday said "it is too good a show to have just one record."

Matt Smith will be the 11th, and youngest, Doctor Who when the new series returns in 2010

The show had all ready been awarded a Guinness record for world's longest running sci-fi series in 2006.

The recognition comes at a pivotal point for viewers as a new Doctor Who is about to appear on the show.

Currently, the Doctor is played by David Tennant but Matt Smith will take on the role in 2010, becoming the 11th actor to do so.

Yikes! The Daleks are Doctor Who's greatest enemy, and the most evil beings in the universe

More than 750 episodes of the BBC show have been made since it premiered on November 23 1963.

Guinness granted the latest award based on the show's broadcast ratings, DVD sales and iTunes
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WOOT!! Doc Who is awesome!! I might even start watching tv again if I can find it amongst all the infomercials and "reality" shows.

# 1 Doctor of all

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