(vent)Stay away from Sympatico

Really peeved with these guys.

I connect direct to msn.bell.mail, I don't use thrid party mail programs. It first asks me to logon with user and pass.

While I'm typing in my password, on the right the ads for my credit state is going nuts. This is very poor and dangerous programming practice from a security view. All activity between my computer and their server should be focused only on the password. SSL can slip here and allow pirating.

I click send, then sympatico passes the next stage on to LIVE.ca, which again is very poor programming. I suppose sympatico can't take the mail server load or LIVE gave them an offer they can't refuse. Anyway the performance takes a dive, very slow, while LIVE takes care of it's prefered customers first, sympatico customers last.

Now you would think the program would store my user name right? No, LIVE wants me to retype my username so it can manage my mailbox preferences, AAARRRGHHHH! Another risky venture in programming. Why doesn't sympatico handle this phase with LIVE?

Finally into my mailbox, when I create mail and send, on average I need to wait....... ready for this? 10 minutes before it sends it!!!!. I note that again LIVE is taking care of this task again. Some aspects of sympatico is handled by HOTMAIL as well. LIVE and HOTMAIL are overtaxed as well, why partnet with these bozoes?

When I log out it takes forever as well, and that's important too has you may need to leave in a hurry. Can't count on a ISP disconnect to really logoff.

Ever since sympatico got into MSN and the other poor performers, it's taken a nosedive. You will note their bulletin board is closed as well. Well, I guess that makes them as unaffected to outside complaints as Fort Knox. Trouble is it fools no one.

Anyone else having this problem?

I have never seen any problem like that with my sympatico mail account. The again, I use my gmail to pull my mail from sympatico though.

I don't see how ad's can in anyway effect the security of your login though. When you click that submit button you are creating a secure tunnel between you and the mail server, the ad is a snipet of html code sitting outside of the form element. I have never heard of SSL "slipping", it's either there or it isn't. Encrypted of Cleartext.

How is MSN asking you to enter your password in order to change your preferences a security risk? By asking you for a password, it is preventing someone other then you from changing passwords, billing info etc... people have been known to leave their browsers open.

Bell pays MSN/Hotmail to host their subscribers mail services so you're not exactly a second class customer to MSN.
I have had no bad issues with Sympatico.

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