Where is Hamilton?

Where is Hamilton?
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This is the map.

Okay, I went over to the schoolhouse and talked with Miss Frickert, the teacher. I asked to see a map, so I could figure out where this Hamilton place is located. I don't like to be mean, but heck, I never heard of it. I even asked around in town, and no one there has heard of it neither.

Years ago, I learned that I don't know everythin', so that's why I got Miss Frickert involved.

It didn't start out so good with her neither. She's never heard of Hamilton, and suggested that maybe someone was pullin' my leg.

I told her that people say Hamilton is on the Lake of the Ontarios. Okay. They also say that it's close to Toronto. Okay. But I scoured this map and can't find Hamilton or Toronto! So, I think someone's havin' me on.

I seen Gibraltar Pt, York, Burlington Bay and New Niagara. I seen the Six Nations territory, which is pretty much due south of us. We're in the Chippewa Huntin' Country between the Immense Forest and Portage de la Chaudiere Francaise.

Heck, Stumpville has always been there, but with a population of 86, it ain't on the map. People are tellin' me that Toronto has over 2 million people there! See, that's why I don't believe it. A city that big would be on the map - if there even was such a place, OR a city that big!

Sorry, but I'm just not seein' it.
Curious Cdn
Where is Hamilton?

Just follow the smoke signals.

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