Searching For Sugar Man

Heard about the movie and this incredible story on CBC radio today.

Guy makes a couple of records. Records bomb. Gets a regular job. Bootleg copies sell by the hundreds of thousands in South Africa making him an icon....and he doesn't even know it. It would make an interesting story even if it weren't true.


Rodriguez - Cause HD - YouTube

Can't wait to see the movie.
I too saw this on TV the other night the guy is good too I think this will build into quite
a story before its over. Did you see where he lives in an older neighbourhood and he
has a wood stove as well. For those records he sold in South Africa he never go paid
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He'll probably never see any money from those albums but I think he will be comfortable from now on.
Cannuck I agree one hundred percent, I think this is a case of history vindicating itself.
While the world overlooked him the people he directly related to did not. Now the world
is in for a musical treat as it were. Its really interesting how music transcends boarders
and peoples around the world.

SIXTO RODRIGUEZ Crucify Your Mind - YouTube

bill barilko
I've seen him-he's a very average performer and a worse singer & can't play worth a ****.

Of course what can one expect from someone who's material is all about drug use 40 years ago?

You do know that's what sugar man is don't you?

Sixto Rodriguez - Sugar man - YouTube

Quote: Originally Posted by bill barilkoView Post

I've seen him-he's a very average performer and a worse singer & can't play worth a ****.

Is that your vast experience in the music industry talking.
bill barilko

Cannuck is on your ignore list

Also-this just in-a dead junkie is a good junkie.
Oh dear. I'm absolutely devastated.

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