Road to Hollywood begins with 140 characters for Canadian comic

Canadian comedy writer Deepak Sethi may be the only person in Hollywood not looking to get famous. It’s a wonder Tinseltown hasn’t booted him on that basis alone.

But what the Toronto native lacks in notoriety, he makes up for in raw achievement. In the blink of three years, Sethi has gone from anonymously authoring TremendousNews (external - login to view) – a popular Twitter account he has never publicly claimed until now – to writing for Family Guy, working for Comedy Central, producing a short film, and landing two TV development deals with the CBC.

Not bad for a 32-year-old who, just a short time ago, was living with his parents and selling beans for a living.

Among Sethi’s tweets:

“If Home Alone happened today, the movie would’ve been over in two texts.”

“Nobody has ever been inspired by the quote in your email signature.”

“The Grammys should give a lifetime achievement award to auto-tune.”