william windom rip

it was sad that both characters died, matt decker, will decker.

I couldn't find the full video.

Star Trek quotThe Doomsday Machinequot Part 1 of

- YouTube

Star Trek quotThe Doomsday Machinequot Part 2 of

- YouTube

Star Trek quotThe Doomsday Machinequot Part 3 of 8 - Test 1 - YouTube

My first memories of William Windom.

The Farmers Daughter Inger Stevens - YouTube

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William Windom ~ seemed like he was a fixture on TV every day of the week back in the day.

We've lost some great stars from the Golden Age of Television recently. They will all be missed.
The Doomsday Machine was one of my favourite original Star Trek episodes! How far the man fell after watching his entire crew killed due to one mistaken belief, and how he redeemed himself in the end.

Rest In Peace, Mr. Windom.

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