Fred Willard pulls his Pee Wee Herman

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Dude is 78 & can still pull his pud successfully. Shouldn't he have
gotten a pat on the back (the back should be cleanish), and told to
go home and get the Interwebs thing hooked up, and some curtains,
to avoid....

Looks like he at least tried to dress to blend into the background in someplace
called the Tiki Theatre, I guess.


Is there a law against "Spanking the Donkey" in public? This guys seem to have a rep. for this kind of behavior. Maybe Barney Frank needs another Male Escort?
It was a dumb move.
But does PBS really need to fire the guy because he was wanking it, in an adult theater?

I mean, it's not like there are wholesome church groups, or school expeditions in the theater.
The guys life is in tatters over something pretty stupid. Shame that PBS has to throw him under the bus as well.
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