cook job in a camp

Hi,I am a experience cook,9 yrs of restaurant work. I am looking to get in a camp for work. I applied at over 20 differents company in the last month and nobody call me back. How the work situation for camp,are they lots of camp operating at the moment. I am in BC and ready to go at any time. Should I wait to find a job or just go there and apply in person. Any feedback will be appreciated
First of all, have you ever seen a camp for oilfield workers? I worked in Red Earth and there's nothing up there except a gas station and a hardware store.

Maybe you'd make good wages but I hope you're prepared to marry a native woman with 14 kids unless you're bringing a woman with you.. or unless you're gay.

Plus which companies did you apply to? Not all camps are maintained by servicing or drilling companies.. now I'm assuming you're talking about the oil industry when you say camp. You didn't specify.

My feedback: reconsider.
Try CVC services. I think they are in Vancouver.

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