Wow there is so much information it's hard to sift through. My question is this: Is the pay for apprentices good and are they willing to indenture you. Apprentice jobs here in NB are usually for employee's sons or who you know, that is the good ones. The rest are low paying, $8-$12. That's why I left it and got a good salaried Sales job. Now I'm looking to go out West and use my trades to get a good job and get the rest of my tickets. But what is the outlook? Is it all a pipe dream to go out West and send home money to my family? Is it all worth it?
I'm sure it depends on the tickets. What should a person know before heading out besides get a job and place to stay before. That I know. I have a Mechanical Technician diploma(apprentice millwright) and F3/F4 welding ticket. I hear people saying just go and you'll find something but the job postings are very particular with qualifications. I only have a couple years experience in the trades. Most ask for 3-5. Or is that to weed out the lazy ones?

Any Atlantic guys out there with helpful experience for a young guy that's a good welder with a good technical/mechanical background looking to make above NB standards? Do's and Don'ts and what to expect?