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Yep, you were right on the whole abortion mess, and how to resolve it. I got caught up in the moment.

It just PISSES ME OFF how you're a check on my knee jerks, and help to re-ground me in solid principles. Thank you.
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You're more than welcome, my friend. You've set me on the right path a few times yourself.
What can I say, harry? I like you. We disagree most of the time, but you bring it straight and don't dodge. I respect that.
How you doing, girl?

I can't believe the way you soldier on here on this board.

Hope you (and whoever may be in your household) are getting through this OK.

Are you on Cap Breton on the Big Island?

Blue Jacket
I'm doing good TB.

We're surviving; my personal household is just me but the family overall; my mom's got Cancer but still fighting despite Covid.

I'm actually in New Brunswick - Sackville which is right near the border to NS. We've had our own issues with stupid people even here, sadly.

Hope you and yours are doing well.
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I agree with you that Rittenhouse is almost certainly not guilty by reason of self-defense. What I don't get is all this sympathy and praise for a kid who armed himself with an illegal weapon and went hours from his home. You really think he wasn't looking for trouble?

I thought you supported "reasonable gun laws." What's not reasonable about "You aren't allowed to own an AR-15 until you're 18?"
Hello old friend. Long time no talk. Remember me from the Grapevine? How are you? Glad to hear you’re still posting along. 🙂👍
thanks. glad that you are back. i hope that you are doing well. how is school going? i look forward to seeing your laminated and framed doctorate. i am also glad that there are no reported cases of codfishes being kung flued. ;) :) 👍 :cool:
Thank you, sir! I’m well thanks, and glad to hear you are well too. 🙂
Funny you say school; I actually graduated from Algonquin in Ottawa with a library and information technician diploma back in 2016. Nowadays, I work in a high school in Mississauga. 🏫
I think it's adorable that LibFem felt the need to announce that it's got me on iggy. Like it scored some moral victory and expects the rest of you to join her little "boycott". lol
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I put that intellectually over-emotionally whatever on ignore after reading only two of it's comments, Jin.
Thought I'd let you know that I am moving back to Sask the end of June, Ron. Have an agreement for sale on my house that will be finalized around the 21rst of June then shortly after my sister and I will be hitting the road. Look forward to actually meeting you in person.

London Jobs, anything?
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