Trump Says “Do Not Lose Hope” In Face of Legal Attacks | Crossroads


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Apr 11, 2020

Trump Says “Do Not Lose Hope” In Face of Legal Attacks | Crossroads​

Former President Donald Trump issued a video where he urges supporters to not lose hope. In it, he hints at a return to justice. And as this takes place, news is spreading that conservatives have a plan for the next administration, known as “Project 2025.” Meanwhile, scuffles recently broke out between protesters and counterprotesters in New York over the city’s sanctuary city policies, which have been using taxpayer dollars to give free housing and other benefits to illegal immigrants. And as illegal immigrants now live better than many New Yorkers, people are getting fed up. Among the protest leaders was Curtis Sliwa, head of the Guardian Angels. He joins us now. And in other news, far-left organizations with ties to the Chinese Communist Party played key roles in the 2020 elections. Some of these took credit for the victories of President Joe Biden in crucial districts. To learn more about these organizations and their actions, we speak now with Trevor Loudon. He’s an Epoch Times contributor and author of the book, “The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress.”