The Toxic consumer - packaging warning -miscarriages


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Jun 27, 2004
As consumers , we would do well to be aware of what toxins are coming from what products.

This warning about miscarriages from packaging:
" Scientists in Japan have found evidence of a link between recurrent miscarriages and a chemical widely used in food packaging.
The compound is called bisphenol-A or BPA. It is used in plastic food containers, cans and dental sealants. Research suggests it leaches from products and is absorbed in low concentrations by the human body. A separate study last month suggested it might be a contributing factor to women developing breast cancer."

Cancers are on the increase, despite the propagandist message that we are 'surviving' cancers more now [up to 5 years actually] . The blame falls squarely on the toxic products and pollution that has been overlooked and ignored for so many years

There has been official denial of this link for many years, proving that our government regulators are keeping corporations wealthy instead of keeping people healthy.

Some corporations hate this too. They only wish that there was a "level playing field" for non-toxic products, but with the reduced costs in using common petrochemicals, who can compete without using toxic chemicals? Overall, it is much more costly to society to have cancers on the increase, but we are not willing to see it.

Its been 50 years since the cry went out...