Sony C1


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Mar 24, 2002
The Service provider (SP) lock is used to lock the cell phone to the SP's SIM card. Once the cell phone is locked to a specific operator, if one inserts a SIM card from a different operator the phone will refuse to accept it! The cell phone will however accept another SIM card from the same operator.

Remove SP lock (For advanced users only)
Just edit your eeprom and at the address 16b-1D8 fill this address with 00.

enter codes from normal network screen, when you press the last # it will show the sim data, and network lock status, as for the language selecets, when you press the last #, the phone will return to the normal network screen using a different language

*#7465625# - display sim information (use to check eeprom editing worked)
*#0001# set language to english