Short Memories, and Caution Choosing your Friends


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Feb 6, 2012
Trudeau obediently behaved himself and "went back to his room" figuratively when he heard the Pfizer news that they
will renege on their business deal to Canada to have the vaccines sent to us in time as agreed. They will fill the order for another country instead. He then shrugged his shoulders, then passed the bad news over to his Canadian citizens. ..... BTW, I was no Ford fan, but he is right.

Seems to me Belgium was in just such a dire straight when they asked us Canadians to save their neck against the Nazis. My uncle can verify that. Now
how many thousands Canadians died for Belgium and Brussels is a question long forgotten. Enough died that would warrant any other deal to be put aside for their saving buddies who now needs them deperately.

Time for their nation to set Pfizer straight on who the real friends are.

We need a prime minister with backbone, never mind the Governor General situation. We need a prime minister with spunk. Chretien would have had the spunk to know what to do. Pipe line woes? I hear Shawininigan is close enough to the Manic power switches to the northern states. I heard it takes a lot of power to run those vaccine freezers in the states. I heard the states don't really need the head waters to their northern states, and Russia could do with a new fissionable material source as a trading partner. The list of benefits to us goes on.

We need to show the "rest of Canada" west, not to go for a severed Canada, and this time Canada we know we will have no excuse this time. The US is shafting us once more and we go home with our tails between our legs. Where are the real Canadians?!