Registration Now Required (to post and reply)


Mar 24, 2002
Dear users,

To combat spam, help identify flame posts and to help bring sanity to our growing forums, we now require that you register a nickname in our database in order to be able to post. There is no requirement to active your account, so to register, all you need to do is choose a nickname, password, email address and hit submit.

While this will definately not eliminate spam and flames, we hope it will help cut down and make it easier to identify users who wish to break rules and just make the forums less useful and enjoyable to users.

If you have any questions or comments, please make them heard in the Community Support forums.

Additionally, the Community Support forum will remain as a place where guests can post if anybody has any problems registering.

Thanks for your cooperation and understand.

Canadian Content Administration.

À nos utilisateurs:

Pour combattre le SPAM et pour faire le forum devenir plus raisonnable, nous exigeons maintenant de que vous enregistrez votre nom afin d'écrire un message.

Il ne fera pas tous les problèmes disparaître, mais nous espérons que l'enregistrement incitera des personnes à reconsidérer écrire le SPAM et grossier mots.

Si vous avez un question ou quelque chose que vous aimeriez poser, veuillez écrire dans Community Support.


Votre Administration de Canadian Content