Quit picking on Obama……


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BUT his I.Q. is a bit higher than yours! Anyway don't be a racist!
How do you know ? Remember Obama never released his grades . For that matter neither has Walter . Not that grades are indicative of IQ .


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How do you know ? Remember Obama never released his grades . For that matter neither has Walter . Not that grades are indicative of IQ .

I suppose I don't beyond a reasonable doubt, BUT his statements are a good indicator. :) Intelligent people are often more flexible with their opinions.


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Or which way the wind blows in the forum!



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Oct 26, 2009
Barack Obama called 'snake,' homophobic slur by half-brother
Author of the article:postmedia News
Published Aug 16, 2023 • Last updated 1 day ago • 2 minute read

The older half-brother of Barack Obama has reignited his disdain for the former U.S. president.

Malik Obama shared a throwback photo of him and Barack Obama on social media Sunday, calling him “fake ass (sic) a snake … when he was a nobody.”

Malik, who lives in Kenya but spends time in the U.S., re-posted the same photo Tuesday night that has since gone viral, explaining he had to bury family members without his half-brother at his side.

“I buried my children Kweku and Rashidah alone, I buried both my aunts Zeituni and Hawa Auma alone, I buried my mother Mama Kezia Obama alone, and I buried my grandmother Mama Sara Obama alone,” he wrote. “What kind of brother is that?”

He also used a homophobic slur to describe the former Democratic president.

Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, have two daughters, Malia and Sasha.

“I just wanted to be (his) big brother but he rejected me,” Malik added.

The older brother also shared a photo of himself wearing a “F BIDEN” baseball cap.

In 2020, Malik said his half-brother was “cold and ruthless” and accused him of abandoning his Kenyan family.

“He got rich and became a snob,” Malik told the New York Post. “What I saw was he was the kind of person that wants people to worship him. He needs to be worshipped and I don’t do that. I am his older brother so I don’t do that.”

The long and gradual falling out culminated in Malik supporting Donald Trump in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

Malik founded a development and humanitarian foundation in the U.S. and named it after his father, Barack H. Obama Sr. The former U.S. president is not involved in the charity.

In a self-published book titled “Big Bad Brother From Kenya,” Malik described the tension between the half-siblings about the foundation after his younger brother was elected president in 2008.

“We had a big fight on the phone because he was not in support and insisted I shut down the website and not continue with the foundation,” Malik wrote about a call shortly before the 2009 inauguration.

“He had his reasons but I was not having any of it. We talked late into the night that night. He threatened to ‘cut me off’ if I continued with the idea.”


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Oct 26, 2009
Tucker Carlson interviews convicted fraudster about 2008 Obama allegations
Larry Sinclair claims he did cocaine, had sex with former U.S. president

Author of the article:postmedia News
Published Sep 06, 2023 • Last updated 1 day ago • 1 minute read

A convicted fraudster sat down with Tucker Carlson to once again claim to have smoked cocaine and had sex with former U.S. president Barack Obama.

The nearly 42-minute interview, shared on Elon Musk’s social-media site X on Wednesday evening, includes allegations that Larry Sinclair first made in 2008 about an encounter with Obama in 1999. Sinclair, who has convictions on forgery, fraud and larceny charges and has served prison time in Arizona, Florida and Colorado, claims he gave Obama $250 to purchase cocaine, which Sinclair said he snorted and Obama smoked.

Sinclair also claimed that he had sexual relations with the former U.S. president in the back of a limo while partying in Chicago and later at a hotel room in nearby Gurnee, Ill.

“We’re not claiming they’re true, but they (Sinclair’s original allegations in 2008) were certainly credible,” Carlson said in his opening address. “This was a first-hand account of Barack Obama’s behaviour by someone who was willing to sign a sworn affidavit to that effect.”

Sinclair thanked Carlson in a video shared Wednesday by conservative commentator Charlie Kirk.

“After 15 years of hell,” he said. “After 15 years of nothing but lies, distortions, misrepresentations, outright faults, statements, it’s time. Everything — and I mean everything — gets put out on the table.”

Sinclair first made the claims in 2008 at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., during an hour-long news conference. Afterward, he was arrested on a warrant from Delaware and has never been able to substantiate his allegations.

Sinclair failed a lie detector test in 2008 and then accused an Obama adviser of bribing the examiners to rig the results, the Daily Mail reported, citing a Courthouse News Service article from March 2012.

In 2004, the Daily Mail reported, Sinclair also signed an affidavit claiming to be “terminally ill” as he sought to have a warrant dismissed.