Pregnancy and Fish oils conflict


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Jun 27, 2004
The news has a constant stream of advice for pregnant women to eat more fish, but then there are the warnings about the dangers from mercury in fish - especially ocean fish, and especially canned tuna.

Canned tuna is the cheapest way to get fish into the diet. Pregnant women are often young, in a young family perhaps, and so they do not allways have a lot of money and so canned tuna is a common meal for them. Hmmmm, problem!!!

Example -
"New Report Fuels Confusion About Women, Fish":

quote: The National Academy of Sciences conducted an exhaustive review of the evidence surrounding safe consumption of fish. It weighed the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids against the possible risks from mercury contamination and other industrial pollution.

Okaythen, so how to get the Omega-3 EFAs into the diets of the human race's most important people [in terms of survival of our genetically unique species], without causing gentic and toxic damage??

Is there a better source that we are not being told about??

------------->>>>>>>>>> yes:

Suggestion: the best source of omega-3s in vegetable sources is HEMPSEED HEARTS - the crushed hemp seed's insides [without the shell].

I have a container of them in front of me now, and it reads:
"Contains several times more omega-3 essential fat than any fish"
"47% oil, 86% of which is omega 3,6, and 9"
"a 50gm. serving [5 tbsp[ contains 14.9 gms. of omega 6, 4.7gms. of omega 3, and 3.5 gms. of omega 9"

As for the COST - it is about $10 for 500 grams, and if you eat 50gms daily, it would last 10 days, costing about $30 a month. Compare that to a slice of fish, and it is cheaper to eat hempseed hearts. Compared to canned tuna at $1 [?] a tin three times a week [Xs 4 weeks a month] = $12/month for canned tuna, so the hempseed hearts cost more, yes, but you are not getting as much omega oils in tuna as in the hempseed hearts!! Is your baby worth it? I think so!!

The hempseed hearts would be especially good for the diets of pregnant vegetarians too.

note - This is NOT about any particular BRAND of hempseed hearts, they will all have about the same as listed above.

So why don't we hear any of the medical advice, or news reports, suggesting heampseed hearts? - maybe it is because there is no big lobby for them like the Tuna people have. Only recently was the law changed to allow Canadian farmers to grow hempseed [no THC].

The reason we do not hear this advice is political somehow, I would bet on that.

Enjoy Life!!


Nanah Potato
Mar 26, 2003
Not all canned albacore tuna is the same. Young albacore do not have the levels of mercury that older fish have. Nor does Pacific Ocean Tuna have the same levels as tropical Tuna.

Salmon has NO mercury and is an excellent source of Omega 3. There is all kinds of fish out there that containers no mercury or very little and is an excellent source of Omega 3.