Powell Says Iraqi Insurgency Worsening


Mar 24, 2002
Secretary of State Colin Powell says the insurgency in Iraq is getting worse and increased efforts will be needed to defeat it.
Speaking on U.S. television, Mr. Powell said Sunday the U.S.-led coalition is trying to "build up" Iraqi security forces ahead of the planned January elections. He also said an international conference could be held as early as next month to help stabilize the situation.

But he again insisted that the goal should be that all Iraqis, including those in areas gripped by violence, should be able to vote in the election.

The top military commander in the region told NBC television Sunday that ongoing violence may rule out a vote in some areas. But General John Abizaid insisted that the Iraqi insurgency is not out of control.

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I don't even know why I'm posting this, or why the media thinks it's surprising.. But I have no doubts that the codition of Iraq and Iraqis and the state of affairs inside the country will only worsen until the US troops vacate.