Philadelphia Pride changes LGBT flag as race and pride clashes spread


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Sep 6, 2015
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Okay, this is one of those times when it IS hilarious seeing the progtard ideology collide with itself. What a sad bunch of whiners. "I've been included but I need people to make me feel included."
I have no goddam idea where this concept of having your feelings validated or not having them hurt at all is some kind of Constitutional right, came from.
The "need" for black and brown stripes on the flag is just so stupid. The rainbow flag is intended to represent people of ALL colour. I mean c'mon, is someone going to seriously suggest that there are purple/violet or blue or green coloured people? Aside from the really pissed off, dead or sick of course.


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Aug 31, 2006
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Wow. The only ones not included are the whites.
Oh that's right, they are to be punished.
You know, because they are the only racists.