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Mar 9, 2007
"In the public consciousness they are forever going to be associated with rape. They are forever tarnished by this woman. Can you imagine going into a job interview with the words "Duke lacrosse" on your resume?

Come on. You really think that people are not going to look at that and say, excuse me? The words "Duke lacrosse" have become symbolic with a horrific gang rape.

Meanwhile, the accuser is being described -- and if I heard this one more time, my head is going to explode. She`s being described in the media as an "exotic dancer." Let`s set the record straight here: she`s a stripper. Nothing real "exotic" about that.

She accused these young men of not being nappy-headed hos, but of being violent and privileged white rapists. That`s not just an offensive insult said by some old fart on the radio that nobody`s even listening to anymore. That is a label that you may never, ever shake.

Civil rights leaders, you guys were all so quick to denounce these guys, you know, even as the evidence piled up that this whole thing was a sham.

And now she`s changed her testimony. Now the charges have been dropped. Now the attorney general has deemed them, quote, "innocent." Will you same civil rights leaders come out in defense of these three guys? Will anyone hold a rally over their civil rights which were violated? And will anybody call for the firing of the D.A. Mike Nifong or the stripper, the stripper who destroyed these kids` lives?

You know what. I want to be consistent. What Don Imus said was repulsive and indefensible. I don`t think, however, we should go firing and go on a witch-hunt over language. But I also don`t want to call for the firing of the stripper. Oh, but I do support a two-week suspension of all her stripper-related activities at the pole."

As Nasty as Imus’s remarks were are they really the worst the media can dish out? Resist Sexist Slurs are one thing but they don’t stain and tarnish like slander and false accusations. The media has burned people time and time again and cared little to correct their wrongs. Is the media really being held accountable or is public flogging just the new form of entertainment?


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Nov 14, 2006
Vancouver Island
Yeah, most of it is 'acting' and jockeying for ratings, everything is about ratings.
The worst behavior of the media is all through the presidential campaigning, as they put aside
the constructive debating and news, and put right out front all the confrontational stuff and dirt.
I was watching a candidate talking about something rather interesting with another, and the
anchor came on and said, when they get to the 'meat' of the matter we will tune back into
their conversation. So, when they were hurling names at each other, they were bought
back on again. True story, and happened many times over.