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Jul 23, 2016
I put this Header under 'Philosophy' as I wasn't sure where else to place it.

My own quote on Parenthood has always been...

"Long days. Fast years."

My daughters will legally be adults in less than 9 months. The years have just flown by. I've found it strange though. Your own childhood seems to last forever but when you have kids of your own, they are an adult in the blink of an eye.

I spoiled my girls just a little bit when they were young. If Halloween night would fall during the week, I'd let them sleep hooky from school...and wake up to all of that candy. My theory has always been that you have your whole life to be an adult, but you're only a kid once.

And the beauty of having children is that you get a do-over of your own youth...introducing them to all of the games, movies, and creativity that you had growing up.

I've enjoyed every stage along the way...the golden moments as well as the challenges. I'll probably be an empty nester next year. The house will probably become museum-like without the buzzing of two young teenage girls around.

I think the trick is to introduce your children to everything...then just go with what they choose and support them on their life journey. You do the very best you can...teaching the goodness your own parents instilled in you, while trying not to replicate the errors that Mom and Dad made along the way...then just keep your fingers crossed.

Just a few wistful thoughts on this quiet and beautiful autumn evening.
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