Online petition to re-legalize marijuana


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Mar 24, 2002
Just The Facts 420 support the cause! This is my online petition I created to re-legalize Marijuana (it was legal before 1938), and contains some very interesting and important facts. Please read, sign (if u agree), and pass this to a friend in need. Every vote counts @


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Apr 2, 2004
Sudbury Ontario
i signed the petition there you go

i agreee with this and it does not cause any deaths per year ofcourse if you are careful like any person.


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May 24, 2004
Sorry to double up but this issue is very important

Good Day All,

Time to post an update for the upcoming Canabian Day II events on Aug 21. Hoping that there will be an event in four cities this year we have so far arranged the following;

Marko Ivancicevic is looking after Toronto and he's focusing on having the event at Queens Park. Expect his post and updates soon.

Matt Mernagh and Kevin Taylor are looking after Niagara Falls. The parks being considered there are Grassy Brook, John Alan and Fireman's Park (Open to Suggestions). Support in Niagara seems to be growing daily. My daughter Amy has offered to assist with the bands and entertainment and will be contacting Matt and Kevin soon. Niagara Falls has never had such an event and this year they have had the Hwy 420 Smoke Out and will rock to the Canabian Day II as well. What a wonderful feeling.

In Hamilton Chris Goodwin is looking after the event there and is investigating several avenues and ideas which he will be submitting soon. I expect this event to be one that will really get noticed.

In Ottawa we have yet to receive any updates from Jody Pressman but he is extremely busy with the very important upcoming Fill The Hill rally and it is taking up 100% of his time so, maybe after the event we can get some activity there. Marko has said he will be sending out a few "feelers" to try and firm up the Ottawa event.

Here is where we stand with sponsors for the events as of today (Sunday).

Puff Mama Bakery (confirmed)
Heads Tattoo Niagara Falls (confirmed)
Advanced Nutrients (confirmed)
Treating Yourself (confirmed)
Hemp Users Medical Access Network (confirmed)
Chronic Candy (confirmed)
Spectrum Lighting (confirmed)
Niagara Compassion Society (confirmed)

Niagara Falls Antique Emporium (to be confirmed)
Roach A Rama Hot Box (to be confirmed)
Toronto Hemp Company (to be confirmed)
Hidden Jungle (to be confirmed)
Iron seed sales (to be confirmed)
Spiritual Smoke Niagara Falls (to be confirmed)
Friendly Stranger (to be confirmed)

Any one interested in setting up a booth at any of these events or interested in getting more information please get in touch ( to arrange your table and or advertising. Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Also, Craig from Frank Discussion and his Cannabis Media Group have offered to do the posters, flyers and banners for the event and this should ensure that we have only the finest quality material for distribution. If all goes as smooth as it is now perhaps Canabian Day flags will make their debut this year.

Also Heads Tattoo in Niagara has put Canabian Day, Fill The Hill and Hempfest Flyers on his counter and if possible would like to have posters to put on the walls of his business. Spiritual Smoke has too and they have already have a small Fill The Hill Poster in the window but would benefit from a regular sized one as well as a Hempfest one. I will be going to Niagara again in about a week but if anyone is going south sooner and can drop some off please let me know.

Eric Wood
Joint Venture Coordinator
Cannabis In Canada

Harmful Failed Unjust
Fill The Hill June 5 Ottawa

Hempfest 2004 Aug 26,7,8,9