Israeli Ecstasy Drug Ring


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Mar 24, 2002
If Martha Stewart were Israeli she would not be in Court or in the News

Companies such as Amdocs Limited, Comverse Infosys now named Verint and Urban Moving owned by Israelis have been accused of far worst crimes that the most creative Federal DA charges against Martha Stewart. Below are links to information from some of the United States more credible sources for information and news. This is the hypocrisy of our judicial system that is threatening our national security that the people outside the DC beltway see on the streets in the world. If Martha Stewart were an Israeli art dealer spying on America or Ecstasy importer and distributor there would be no investigation charges or any mass media spectacle.

I have two questions that I would like an answer to please.

1. Why is the United States Department of State covering up this information? The following is the link they withdrew; http:/ In the United States Department of State fact sheet released in March 2003 it stated ?In the United States, approximately 80% of ecstasy seized in 2000 came from or through the Netherlands. Israeli trafficking syndicates are currently the primary source to distribution groups operating in the United States, smuggling through express mail services, via couriers aboard commercial airline flights, or more recently, through air freight shipments??

2. Why is there no public investigation or charges in these cases outline in the links in this letter?

Amdocs Limited, Comverse Infosys now named Verint
Fox News 12/12-13/01

Urban Moving ABC News, 6/21/02 New York Times 10/8/01 Bergen Record 9/12/01

Israeli art students DEA report 6/01 Channel 11 News in Dallas 10/3/01 AP 3/9/02

Other relative information Washington Post 9/28/01 Fox News, 5/13/02

Israeli Drug Ecstasy Ring New York Magazine 7/24/00

I hope you take some time to read the links I provided you. I would be interested in any information regarding these topics that you may have. The Martha Stewards case is a Travesty of Justices all over the mass media while the Israeli cases above are a threat to our national security that is sweep under the rug. David

P.S. Source of the quote and links from the Center for Cooperative Research