Intermittent periods of downtime


Mar 24, 2002
Dear Members,

Canadian Content has recently experiences both short and longer periods of downtime. Along with the downtime is also periods of slowdowns due to very heavy load on the server's daemons including the httpd server and database loads.

The 1.5 hours of downtime tonight was not due to an actual problem with the server, but the subnet its hosted on was experiencing difficulties and was recently repaired by datacentre technicians.

We apologise for the issues and inconvenience this may have and must have caused, but we are working on other outstanding issues and it's probably about time we have grown out of the current network we're operating on. Until we get around to doing some upgrades, I will be working in the background in an attempt to further optimise system resources so we will experience less downtime and a refreshed server load.

Again, apologies for the downtime and slowdowns.. we're working on it!