I'm looking for you, Bonnie Bouclair


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Jun 5, 2005
Lala Land
Kim and Bonnie Bouclair should have the living shit kicked out of them, and hey, I'm happy to help. Some of us would give anything to have our mother's still alive and these bitches could care less about theirs.

A black SUV, a walmart and fifty degrees celcius! Does this sound like a nice comfy place to leave your 97 year old mother alone for an HOUR? Not only that, while people are desperately trying to save the dear womans life, you are criticizing them for not minding their own business? The stupid bitches called it a "mere accident" and they were caught in the lineup. Were they expecting the Walmart empty?

I'm so upset with this story. Most people won't leave their dogs in a car in the sun. How can they tell people to mind their own business, if they had she would be dead. The woman wasn't even strong enough to open her own door.

For the record, they are lucky they don't have a listed phone number because I would start a campaign of crank calls that would have these women suicidal.

But this is a picture of the lovely ladies who tried to kill their mom and grandma. Remember them, if you know them and are their friends, YOU ARE AS BAD AS THEM.