I hope You guys will try this!!!!


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Jun 4, 2004
I am an 18 year old University student who goes to York. I am currently volunteering at a local high school helping to teach a civics class. I came across the Youth Text 2004 campaign and decided it would be a fun way to get the young kids involved in politics. It was a lot of fun, and I KNOW my phone bill is going to be huge because I was text messaging all day (no wonder it's sponsered by nokia :roll: !!!). Anyways, almost all the parties got back to me today 8O , the Green Party in about an hour, the Conservatives in two and a half hours and the Liberals in four hours, but the NDP never got back. This was a little disappointing :cry: to me since politicians are seemingly trying to get young votes, why would the NDP not even bother to care??? Anyways, the other parties gave very specific answers, so it was obvious my message was read carefully and answered with care and respect! I think this is something all of us should be trying. BOMBARD the parties with questions, any of your questions. Make sure issues for young poeple are heard! Young people always say they are not informed enough to make a decision, so TRY IT :eek: , GET INFORMED. Get your friends to try it, it's really addictive, and I was amazed at how much I wanted to get more involved after the parties made my opinion feel valid and worth answering personally. If you feel like you have no connection with these parties, this is the way to start to make that connection, you'll get HOOKED on politics. You can ask specific questions that matter to YOU and find out how they will act for YOU! Visit www.txt.ca for more information on it if you're interested, just try it, you might be surprised how many answers you might get so you can make education decisions at the polls on the 28th :D !!!