home from the phillipines


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Nov 14, 2006
Vancouver Island
I am meeting my grandaughter at the airport later today. She has been in the phillipines for two months, working in an orphanage for children. She is 19 yrs old,
and has had a huge culture shock.
At first she was knocked of balance from the difference, compared to her life in
canada, (vancouver island.)
As time went on she adjusted and began to 'learn', and she fit in well, worked well
with the kids, learned to eat 'wierd' food, and blend in with the 'crowd', as she had
never seen such a crowded, confused city, (Manilla),with no traffic rules.
There will be quite an adjustment for her, and it will take her a few weeks, but
one thing, for sure, I have noticed, is that she now realizes how lucky we are, and
how demanding we are of 'what' we expect each and every day.
She said they are very happy there, although they have very little, and never
It will be interesting to see how she re acts the first time her little brother of 8 yrs
of age, does his demanding, as they all do, it won't be the same as before she