Haiti - Where 's the money going?


Time Out
Mar 16, 2007
Red Deer AB
A lot of money out there somewhere for Haiti ..Let's be sure it get's to thse who need it most/1st.....Fast :canada:..

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Perhaps the US can set up a bank account so it all goes into one big pot. Say in Switzerland or the Caymans.


Executive Branch Member
Feb 13, 2009
United States
So now the cycle of corruption and murder will start all over again. There are some countries that are just not capable or governing themselves because the right person has not come along yet. 300 years is a long wait.

TITANYEN, Haiti – The mourning is far from over, but the politicking has resumed.
Hundreds gathered Monday at a gravel pit where countless earthquake victims have been dumped, turning a remembrance ceremony for the dead into one of the first organized political rallies since the disaster, with followers denouncing President Rene Preval.
Many called for ousted President Jean-Bertrand Aristide's return — a familiar political refrain when things swing between bad and worse in Haiti.
"Preval has done nothing for this country, nothing for the victims," said Jean Delcius, 54, who was bused to the memorial service by Aristide's development foundation. "We need someone new to take charge here. If it's not Aristide, then someone competent."
Critics were already blaming Preval for rising unemployment, corruption and greed. Then the Jan. 12 earthquake struck, killing at least 150,000 people, flattening most government buildings and turning the capital into an apocalyptic vision of broken concrete and twisted steel.