Forum Guidelines


Mar 24, 2002
** Updated 14/05/04 **

Hello and welcome to Canadian Content discussion forums.

We welcome people of any race, sex, age, orientation and political background. There's a few things you must realise while using this forum:

- Do not slam someone because of their political belief. Everyone is welcome to their opinion here and you cannot attack someone because of that. You can debate any points made, which is the main point of these discussions.. but still be aware that everyone is entitled to their opinion.

- Though this board is for Canadians, everybody is welcome. Do not slam someone because of their nationality.

- The opinions expressed by moderators, editors, administrators and collectively, Canadian Content staff, are not necessarily those of Canadian Content Interactive Media and/or other staff members. We all come from different parts of the country and may not share the same political views.

- If you have any problems with harassment from any user that makes you feel uncomfortable, please notify one of the administrators or moderators via Private Message.

- As the forum topic now states, these forums cover anything from left to right and anything inbetween. Everybody is welcome.