First Suspect Case of Mad Cow in U.S.


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Feb 16, 2003
Canada, shut your borders now!!!! paybacks are a bitch!

December 23, 2003

WASHINGTON - The first-ever U.S. case of mad cow disease is suspected in a single cow in Washington state, but the American food supply is safe, Agriculture Secretary Ann Veneman said Tuesday.

"We remain confident in the safety of our food supply," said Veneman.

She told a news conference that a single Holstein cow that was either sick or injured — thus never destined for the U.S. food supply — tested presumptively positive for the brain-wasting illness.

Mad cow disease, known also as bovine spongiform encephalopathy, is a disease that eats holes in the brains of cattle. It sprang up in Britain in 1986 and spread through countries in Europe and Asia, prompting massive destruction of herds and decimating the European beef industry.

"This incident is not terrorist-related," Veneman said Tuesday. "I cannot stress this point strongly enough."

Veneman said the apparently diseased cow was found at a farm in Mapleton, Wash., about 40 miles southeast of Yakima. She said the farm has been quarantined.

"Even though the risk to human health is minimal, we will take all appropriate actions out of an abundance of caution," she said.

Samples from the cow have been sent to Britain for confirmation of the preliminary mad cow finding, she said.

Mad cow disease has never been found in the United States before this incident despite intensive testing for it.


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Dec 4, 2002
Montreal, Quebec
Yah you know what that is full of crap. It's sad to see that poor woman suffer from the disease but as a political standpoint does that mean Canada should stop all cattle imports from the US and hope that Japan will follow suit and stop the import of American cattle?

Canada has much stricter regulations than the US and they should do more than have some puppet saying We think our food is safe. Come on if it was so safe why was there a victim? Canada didn't have a victim and it was spotted right away.


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Mar 24, 2002
Cache Creek, BC
Canada is a lot more diplomatic in our approach, we have nothing really to back anything we do aside from a speedboat and 20+ year old helicopters/planes that fall from the sky at random!

What are we gunna say? "Look out or we'll fall on you?" ;)