Don Cherry for the Olympics!


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Jun 6, 2002
Don Cherry knew Vancouver would come up a winner.

"Back in Salt Lake when we were doing the Olympic hockey there, both Ron MacLean and I said the Games would go to Vancouver," Cherry said. "What do you know? I was proven right again."

Cherry is a big backer of Vancouver's Olympic bid, and gave a full-fledged endorsement of the Games landing in one of his favourite spots.

"I was so happy as a Canadian to see us get the Games," said Cherry. "And it's great that the world is going to see the most beautiful city in Canada.

"I pushed the Games when they had the vote there with the public.

"I told people to go out and vote yes, that they had to get out and make sure they got the Games. I believed in it, I thought it would be a great event for the city and for Canada, and now they've got it."

Cherry thought having Wayne Gretzky, the greatest hockey player on the planet, attached to the bid was a great move. And he wasn't surprised to see his voice waver with emotion when he was talking to the IOC about how important Canada is to him.

"That's the way Gretzky is, and that's what makes him such a great Canadian," Cherry said. "He's an emotional guy and he cares a lot about Canada. That's why he made that speech at the Salt Lake Games, saying the whole world was against us. He wears his heart on his sleeve."

The 2010 Games may be seven years away, but Vancouver hockey fans can count on Coach's Corner.

"I'll be there for sure," said Cherry. "I wouldn't miss it for the world."

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Mar 24, 2002
Who's for the olympics in Vancouver? I don't live there, so I'm not sure what my view on it is. I think its a good thing for Canada.


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Mar 24, 2002
Cache Creek, BC
I think it's a good thing for Vancouver, however I know a lot of people think it's not, I guess it depends on your perception of how valuable it is for Canada/BC. Most people are only looking at how much it is going to cost to get the olympics here and not the long term gains of having the olympics, which should outweigh the interm costs of bringing it here. Im sure someone will flame away, but it's all good :D


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Jul 25, 2002
Great event - wrong time. There are 40 kids per class - seniors can not afford their medicine, hospitals are being closed, roads not repaired, user fees on everything in sight and they want to spend billions of tax payers dollars on a 10 day party for the rich. :evil:

BC is in dire straights and may for the first time in its history become a have not province. Yep - the olympics are just what we friggen need around here right now.

When politicians tell you that it will cost 2 billion they mean 4. When they say it will turn a profit they mean - who cares - its you working stiffs that will pay for it - forever. If the games lose a billion dollars we will have to pay extortion to the bankers for the rest of our lives in interest payments.

Corporations and the bought and paid for media have hyped it up to the point of becoming farsical. They are trumpeting a new RAV line between the Airport and downtown. What they are not telling everyone is that it is doomed to fail. there would have to be 100,000 riders per day just to break even.

Thing is less than 30,000 use that route now every day. As well it would mean bus service elsewhere will be curtailed to service the new line. And to top this bullshit offer off is the fact that there is some $100 million being held in reserve to pay the private company if they can not turn a profit off the line. So why should they give to shitts if it does not make money - they get paid anyways!! :evil:

Montreal is still paying for their games and how long ago was that? Vancouver is next in line for the corporate handouts. Welfare for the rich is what it should be called.


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Aug 7, 2003
I am originaly from edmonton . when calgary held the 88 games I went there and fewll in love with the city so much so that I stayed.Calgary put on one hell of a show Now I am in b.c and I hope vancouver can do canada proud like calgary .
I had my doubts about the games comming here because of whistler being a ways away . But I am glad to say that I was wrong.Way to go Vancouver .By the way I am still an Oiler fan