Debrand your Rogers Sony Ericsson c905 for free


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Jun 6, 2002
It's totally free, and it's totally reversable if you install the wrong firmware. I just reflashed my phone back to Rogers firmware so that I can get the internet settings written down, as they weren't inputted on the new firmware, and the SEUS website claims they can send you MMS/WAP settings, but it wasn't working for me.

I'll post links as reference, but I'll do a quick outline that you can follow and get the same results as myself.

What you'll need:


1. Unrar A2uploader, and run/install ggsetup-
2. Run the Ultimate CDA Generator.exe, and choose your phone model, and the CID you'd like to flash your phone to. In my case, I chose Customized_BR 1212-6123 R4A, click on the preview button, and generate the file. It'll be named Customize_upgrade.xml.
(I tried GENERIC_AMERICA 1209-4778 R6A, but SEUS would not find a new firmware update afterwards)
3. Remove your battery & SIM from your phone, put the battery back in but don't power up the phone.
4. Start up A2uploader, and click on the FileSystem tool button. It'll prompt you to hold the C BUTTON and to plug in your phone.
5. The program will detect your phone, and you'll see a filesystem tree on the right hand side of the program. Navigate to //tpa/preset/custom/
6. Drag'n'drop the Customize_upgrade.xml you created into the folder, then click on Shutdown FS Manager button at the bottom (it'll be red).
7. Unplug phone, remove battery for a few seconds, pop her back in, power up your phone. It'll install the new file you just uploaded and start up regularly in the Rogers manner.
8. Turn off the phone, take the battery out, pop her back in.
9. Start up SEUS updater, and do as you're prompted (hold C button, then plug in phone when prompted. SEUS will detect a new firmware, download it, then install it.
10. Once the new firmware is installed, you'll be asked to reboot your phone again.
11. THAT'S IT! ALL DONE! New generic, unlocked, debranded phone!

Note: If you need to return to the Rogers firmware, just edit the Customize_upgrade.xml file, and change the CID to 1219-5389 R11A, and repeat the steps above.