Dad lands in jail over Girl Scout cookies


The Padre
Oct 27, 2006
BY BRIAN STANLEY Joliet Herald News

"I am not the Cookie Monster," said Tory Caruth, laughing.

But cookies are why he spent time in the Will County Jail after the Girl Scouts sued him in small claims court.

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A west suburban man was arrested for allegedly failing to pay $300 police say he owed -- for Girl Scout cookies.

Girl Scouts of Trailways claimed Caruth never paid for 118 boxes of cookies his daughter ordered five years ago.

The 40-year-old Joliet trucker is listed on permission forms as his daughter's guardian responsible for payments. The 118 boxes were valued at $354 when the order was placed in January 2002. Caruth claims that money was turned in to the organization.

While his name is on the documents, Caruth said he never signed the forms, which state "failure to turn over or any misuse of these funds on my part will result in legal action taken against me by Girl Scouts."

Warrant issued
"I never ordered, never signed for and never received any cookies," he said.

After he missed small claims court appearances, a warrant with a $500 bond was issued for Caruth in December. "I did not know there was a warrant out for me," Caruth said.

On Dec. 13, he was arrested and booked into the county jail; he made bail the next day.

Russelle Holsinger, a Morris attorney who represented the Girl Scouts when the group took Caruth to court, said the arrest warrant came only after Caruth ignored repeated requests to contact the organization.

On a receipt submitted to the court, Caruth's daughter ordered two cases of Caramel DeLites, two cases of Thin Mints, one case of Peanut Butter Patties and one case of Peanut Butter Sandwiches -- plus boxes of Shortbreads, Lemon Pastry Cremes, Animal Treasures and Friendship Circles.

Holsinger said nonpayment for Girl Scout cookies is a fairly common occurrence. "You wouldn't believe how many cases we have like this," she said.

The Girl Scouts garnisheed Caruth's wages starting last month. After court costs, he will pay $1,109.76. Caruth maintains his innocence and said he'd like the Girl Scouts to apologize and go after whoever did sign the form.

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Jan 6, 2007
Within the article, the guy says he already paid for the cookies... then he says he never ordered, signed for, or receieved any cookies..... no wonder he did time for it. He's a friggin' moron.


House Member
Jun 12, 2006
Oshawa ON
Yes, he's a mooch, liar and a moron. Unfit to be a father or a member of any community. He's made of the wrong dough and he doesn't seem to have any.