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Mar 28, 2004
CROSSING THE RUBICON: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil

I have written an excerpt of Rubicon for those who haven't read this blueprint for understanding where we are and how we got here. The result is not pleasant.

I have not detailed the artifical intelligence software PROMIS, or the mysterious deaths of 15 elite microbiologists within a four-months span.

There is a project underfoot to deal with the overpopulation issue. If anyone here desires to have children, the question is WHY?

The Globe and Mail featured this story on a front-page feature a couple of years ago - I had saved this copy and at the time not realizing that the research was all from FTW.

For no other reason other laziness, I did not detail the documented landing of Pentagon Flight 77 at the Cincinnati airport.

The excerpt is too long to post here.

Summation: Clearance does not mean having perfect knowledge of how each specific act was carried out. It means only a certainty that, within the definition of the crime, the suspect was a perpetrator.

As for deciding when to go for it [prosecuting a crime], “When your gut and your heart and your head say, ‘It’s ready,’ and when it looks like you may never have a better shot, that’s when you roll the dice.”

I place this work in your hands so that you may judge it in the “jury room” of your own mind, heart, and conscience. If you are courageous, no one else can tamper with you from this point on. No one else can tell you that this book is, or is not, “proof.” You, and you alone, must decide for yourself what was proved and what was not. As in a criminal trial, it is a solemn responsibility; perhaps the most important responsibility a citizen has to his fellow citizens and to society as a whole.

My focus has been on “clearing” this case (by identifying and proving guilt), as opposed to understanding or attempting to explain every detail. Even as long as this book is, I am certain that I will be criticized for not having included any of a hundred additional 9/11-related anomalies.

Homicide convictions routinely occur where many details regarding specific events are unknown. It is not uncommon for detectives to have lingering questions about how certain events took place or how certain pieces of evidence came into being, even while the convicted murderer is in prison. The overriding ethical mandate is, the certainty of guilt.

The Why and the How...