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Oct 26, 2009
Liberal MP apologizes for F-bomb toward woman criticizing vax mandates
Author of the article:Joe Warmington
Publishing date:Jun 13, 2022 • 15 hours ago • 3 minute read • 224 Comments
Brantford-born Kate Faith, who now lives in New Zealand, reached out via Instagram to Liberal MP Adam van Koeverden to complain about not being able to visit her family due to COVID-19 vaccine mandates.
Brantford-born Kate Faith, who now lives in New Zealand, reached out via Instagram to Liberal MP Adam van Koeverden to complain about not being able to visit her family due to COVID-19 vaccine mandates. PHOTO BY KATE FAITH /Handout

A Liberal MP and Olympic kayak gold medallist was up the creek with no paddle or manners — and later apologized after saying “F— you” to a woman calling for the end of vaccine mandates

It came after a Brantford-born woman, who lives in New Zealand with her new husband, asked for an apology from Milton MP Adam van Koeverden.

“I’d like him to apologize to Canadians for saying ‘f— off’ and for making anyone feel belittled or ostracized due to medical choices,” said Kate Faith, a teacher who got into a social media dust up with the one-time Canadian athlete of the year.

Just hours after the Toronto Sun posted a column about this, the 40-year-old paddling legend offered a mea culpa.

“I let my emotions get the better of me and I responded in an unacceptable way to a direct message and I regret that,” said van Koeverden. “I want to apologize to that person I offended with the message and anyone else I’ve let down.”

From New Zealand, Faith, the unvaccinated teacher who contracted the COVID-19 virus but fought it off, was reaching out to the 2004 Athens Olympics champion to complain about not being able to fly home.

“You guys stand in parliament and act like these mandates actually serve a purpose?” she wrote in an Instagram post to van Koeverden’s account. “I was a teacher who got fired for not taking a jab. Now I am a supply teacher, covering classes every single day because all the jabbed teachers have covid and can’t work” but “I can’t come home to visit my family.”

The exchange got testy, dismissive and profane.

“You clearly have no idea how this all works,” was the response from van Koeverden’s account.

Faith wrote back “you guys all vote to support Mr. Trudeau. You won’t stand up and support a conservative motion even tough (sic) it’s the right thing to do … Are the mandates helping anyone’s health? Nope.”

Saying you “aren’t a scientist” from the van Koeverden account the answer was “well you sound a lot smarter than all the epidemiologists I speak with. Sorry I responded … Not here to inform you, Kate. Later.”

Faith wrote back “you are a disgrace of a Canadian,” to which the van Koeverden account wrote “F— you.”

Faith wrote back “are you upset? I haven’t seen my family in 2.5 years. I had to watch my papa (grandfather) get buried on facetime. I cant hug my parents or nana’s because of your Liberal mandates and you had the nerve to swear at me?”

The account ended with “I’m no(t) upset … but made a mistake in responding to someone like you. Good luck.”

Needless to say, 29-year-old Faith was upset herself.

“Honestly, it was flabbergasting to see an MP speak like that, and then just block me because he wouldn’t or couldn’t answer any of the specific questions about data and studies,” said Faith. “I sort of did a double take and thought ‘woah.’ But I was not surprised by his condescending responses and inability to actually provide answers.”

Van Koeverden said “the past two years have been exceptionally difficult for everyone and moving forward I will work to be more patient and conduct myself with the high standard people deserve from their elected representatives.”

For her part, Faith said “I felt bad for calling someone a disgrace, but he talks about inclusivity and diversity on his page, all the while belittling and ostracizing a large portion of Canadians, and I found it quite hypocritical.”

It’s also rude and unprofessional for any elected member to use profanity toward anybody. Even Prime Minister Justin Trudeau apologized for swearing and elbowing in the House of Commons.

And now a contrite van Koeverden has, too.


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Oct 26, 2009
Former MPP Randy Hillier files Charter challenge against 2021 protest charges
The challenges before the Superior Court of Ontario may delay the provincial offences court's dealings with the charges.

Author of the article:Todd Hambleton
Publishing date:Jun 21, 2022 • 1 day ago • 2 minute read • Join the conversation

CORNWALL — The provincial offences court hearing into charges against six anti-lockdown protestors in Cornwall has been delayed yet again as lawyers for some of the accused are seeking a hearing before the Superior Court of Ontario to have the charges dropped.

Six anti-lockdown protesters in Cornwall charged in the spring of 2021 had their latest virtual appearance in Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Provincial Offences Court on Tuesday morning.

Justice of the Peace Linda Leblanc presided over the short hearing; lawyer Maurice Gatien was representing Gary Jans, Jason Christoff and Sandra Maurais, lawyer Jennifer Demellweek was representing Caitlyn Richer, and lawyer Christopher Naimi was representing former MPP Randy Hillier, with Kristen Nagle self-represented.

During the hearing, the clerk indicated that a seventh person originally charged, Sarah Choujounian, had the charges against her struck early in the spring.

During Tuesday’s hearing, Naimi told court officials that earlier this month he served notice of application to Superior Court in Toronto to have the charges dismissed based on the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Naimi and co-counsel Sayeh Hassan and Henna Parmar are lawyers for the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, which is defending Hillier on the charge laid in Cornwall as well as those laid in connection with a similar protest held in Brockville.

In a June 9 post on the centre’s website, the trio said it had filed a challenge to the Ontario government’s health orders and legislation created during the COVID-19 pandemic that led to stay-at-home orders and other restrictions. They’re arguing these bills, regulations and orders infringed upon Charter rights to peaceful assembly and freedom of expression.

Gatien said he’d be filing a similar application and expected to have materials completed by the end of this week. Demellweek and Nagle also indicated they’ll each bring a motion.

The challenges before the Superior Court may delay the provincial offences court’s dealings with the charges, if the court decides or is ordered to delay the proceedings until the Superior Court considers and rules on the challenges.

The justice of the peace adjourned the matter of the motions until Aug. 23 and acknowledged there could be further developments when the next pre-trial hearing between the court and the defendants’ lawyers is held on July 13.

It was 14 months ago when 150 individuals attended an anti-lockdown protest outside of Cornwall’s Eastern Ontario Health Unit facility.

Seven of the attendees at the May 1, 2021, protest were later charged, and the process has slowly been making its way through the backlogged Ontario Court of Justice provincial offences system.