Chris's review of last nights The Police concert.


disturber of the peace
I'm getting old. You know you are getting old when you go to see The Police. And, speaking of getting are they. Old...and seemingly very bored on stage. It was a less than stellar performance. The flow was not on, there was more wankering than a porn theatre, most of their songs sounded washed out, slowed down, dull and boring. Stings son's band, Fiction Plane....yawnfest. The best part? Sloan! Man, those guys just keep on going strong. They are one of the few bigger Canadian bands who haven't began to completely suck, ala the Tragically Hip, Our Lady Peace, et al. They got the crowd going, the sounded good, they had energy, they sound as fresh as the first time I saw them at Crocks and Rolls wayyyyy back when.

40 dollar T-shirts? And all the logos were borrowed from past The Police a time when you could get them for 5 bucks. 40 frickin bucks for a T-Shirt? No way. And yet people were buying them by the fistfuls! Crazy.


Council Member
Mar 9, 2007
Even if they weren’t at the top of their game I’m sure it would have been fun to go to regardless. :)


Blah Blah Blah
Aug 31, 2006
Under a Lone Palm
I've always liked the Police. Not so much Sting but he's alright. I bet they toned it down just for the oldies in the crowd. I know I get tired earlier all the time.
Hey when are they coming Ontario way?


disturber of the peace
If it was 1985, it probably been better...:)

It was still an experience...I was The Police. I was disappointed. But things change over time. Things can't stay the same...even The Police...:)

I don't know when they will be in Ontario, you know? They were headed south after Edmonton...and then from there...I'm not sure. It said on the back of the 40 dollar T-Shirts. I should have taken a closer look...:)