Canada is banning Internal Combustion Engines, but what about cold weather?


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Sep 6, 2008
Seems this only works in BC.. because you can get anywhere my canoe 😉

Ron in Regina

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Apr 9, 2008
Regina, Saskatchewan
COP26, supposedly humanity’s “last best chance,” struggled to yield even faint hope of keeping temperatures from rising 2 C, let alone 1.5 C. Even so, egged on by catastrophists and the mainstream media, Canadian politicians are adopting increasingly damaging climate policies. Should we be surprised that Canada’s delegation to COP26 was the world’s largest? Surprised, not so much. Appalled, definitely.
So far, our politicians still seem to be supported by a public they have bombarded with dire warnings about an existential climate emergency, while dishonestly downplaying the costs of mitigation and ignoring the reality that Canada is too small a global emitter, at 1.53 per cent of the world total, to achieve anything measurable. Moreover, at least one of their hugely expensive initiatives is actually environmentally counter-productive: the missed opportunity to export oil and gas to Asia to substitute for higher-emitting coal.

The article at the above LINK is well worth the read for perspective.

Dixie Cup

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Sep 16, 2006
Again, JT proves just how stupid & insane he really is and how we cannot afford to continue to have him in power. Other countries need to step up and stop this nonsense as well. It's all about power & money and it certainly isn't for us.

. But, as usual, you can't fix stupid LOL!! But of course, this won't affect the Leadership as they're provided with car & driver so they won't have to worry about freezing their toshie's I guess.