Canada and US barb over defecit


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Dec 4, 2002
Montreal, Quebec

This article is wayyyyyy to funny. I couldn't stop laughing at it. Ok there is some truth to it by saying they did have sept 11 but then again in 2001 the markets and the economy was shit before it! Please US govt stop giving excuses. You're the land of excuses and childish behavior!

A 300 billion dollar tax cut won't increase your economy whatsoever! Well we know probably the companies and the rich will benefit. Why would americans risk their money in a crap economy and low interest rates? It would explain why our dollar and the Euro is going up because of the higher interest returns.

The war to free the iraqis? Did they really want to be free? Weren't you fighting for America's cause to find weapons of mass destruction? Your little army girl didn't kill 7 iraqis and yet you still haven't found any of those weapons! Look in your bunkers for them cuz the US has them all.

You want to save money and not have a $500bln defecit? First off who needs a taxcut in a bad economy where it won't help. Don't spend $200bln on a war without reason. Hey atleast if this $500 bln was to help its own people for medical and social things it would be a bad idea, maybe the US wouldn't be such a bad place, though it wouldn't be a good place.