Breaking : 5.1 magnitude earthquake strikes off the coast of B.C.


Keep Calm and Carry On
Sep 6, 2008
Rent Free in Your Head
I have a lot of experience restoring my house after natural diseases such as water flooding, and it took me a lot of time. So it's always better to be prepared for everything. I had discovered many problems regarding my house after natural disasters. For example, the restoration of my house took a lot of time. Furthermore, I discovered some boring things, such as discomfort or damage to the structure. Still, when I tried to repair it, I couldn't find any money because the rainy season caused many financial problems even though I found the experts from that helped me for an acceptable price

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May 28, 2007
Toronto, ON
It's amazing how they can construct long sentences and paragraphs and say absolutely nothing just to get their post count up. They sound like the mayor of Toronto -- John Tory. He can go on a long speech and basically say nothing of consequence.
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