Brace yourself — gas prices are hitting records as global energy crisis arrives in Canada


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Sep 6, 2015
Olympus Mons
Personally I can't wait to hear all the stupid fucking leftards whine about how cold this winter will be and how expensive it'll be to stay warm, utterly clueless to the fact that this is exactly what their whiney bullshit has led to. Everyone else in Canada I'll sympathize with in that regard but I will LAUGH at the leftist shits who complain.

Ron in Regina

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Apr 9, 2008
Regina, Saskatchewan
Nah, I'll keep pinning the blame on the Feds. There is no reason why an oil rich country should not be in control of their own pricing.
They’re in charge of their own carbon pricing on top of the oil pricing. Does that count? Got to reduce our 1.3% contribution to the total global emissions while still bringing in hundreds of thousands of immigrants & refugees annually. That sounds doable, as reflected in the housing cost crisis.
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