Athlon XP 2500+ Already in Shops!


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Jun 6, 2002
Athlon XP 2500+ Already in Shops!

New AMD Athlon XP processor, made with 0.13 micron 2500+ Thoroughbred core (real clock rate – 2GHz) was noticed in one of Swiss online-shop, trading with computer parts. Also, the price-list of this shop includes non-announced Athlon XP 2200+, 2300+ and 2400+ processors.

The prices for these processors are as follows:

AMD Atlon XP 2200+ (1.8 GHz) "Thoroughbred" - 347 Euro ($327);
AMD Atlon XP 2300+ (1.867 GHz) "Thoroughbred" - 382 Euro ($360);
AMD Atlon XP 2400+ (1.933 GHz) "Thoroughbred" - 406 Euro ($383);
AMD Atlon XP 2500+ (2.0 GHz) "Thoroughbred" - 437 Euro ($412);
It should be noted that the page with the description of the product says "ask us", which means that they are only accepting orders for these processors. Nonetheless, we have contacted the shop and they said the processors would appear only after June 16.

My own intel tells me that the XP2500+ will be available far in the 2nd half of this year.

Clawhammer smurfs on a crest of speculation
August delivery? Shurely shome mishtake

THE PAPER VERSION of Digitimes is reporting that AMD may introduce members of its Hammer family as early as late August.
But how can this be, when we have it on the authority of no less an authority than Richard "I've got Fudo's Inquirer t-shirt" Heye that the first machines will see will arrive in December?

It's a strange story but reflects one true and important fact -- AMD is giving the impression of having a big window of misopportunity that it's stepping right into.

We're hearing worrying things about the Thoroughbred family as well. The XP 2200+ is still scheduled to be introduced next week sometime but sources familiar with machines using the CPU say it's running hotter than hot, despite the .13 micron core that should help make things cooler.

And the benchmarks are not as impressive as some had hoped, according to one manufacturer here close to AMD's plans.

Intel people here seem to have had an attack of schadenfreude about AMD's apparent dilemma. The gravy train, they believe, stays rolling by bringing out peak performing CPUs at very regular intervals. We detect a note of anxiety from Intel, however - people we've talked to wonder if, indeed, AMD is cooking up some delightful K8 pastry that will floor them in the continuing megahurts hooplah.

In fact, the Digitimes story winds up saying that AMD wouldn't be able to deliver enough processors to satisfy demand in August anyway, while it also claims that there won't be solid sales from the K8 family until next year.

Given Heye's solid statement about a December release date for the uniprocessor Hammer, we'd say that's probably true