Alberta's War on Drugs - now Seizing Children


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Jun 27, 2004
Premier Klein's new War on Drugs initiative is going after the babies now.

The children of addicts will be seized said the news release.

Following the initial announcment, the news anchor said "dangerous and devastating drugs like cocaine heroin and marijuana will also be included".

Devastating drugs like marijuana? Doesn't that sort of take the steam out of the dangers of Meth? They are not the same...Show us even one household that was "devastated" from marijuana.... and compare that to a house full of meth addicts and kids around - its not even close.

So, to me, this announcment is just another Reefer Madness piece of idiocy.

Encouraging marijuana and reducing meth and coc use would be a postiive step that would actually do somebody some good over the long run. Including alcohol in this initiative would be appropriate here too.

Seizing kids from some addicts is a good thing.
Not including the alcoholic's homes in this seizure initiative is a major mistake, since alcohol fuels violence and abuse more than the Meth-type drugs do, which is mostly abuse by neglecting the kids. Marijuana does not generally produce those type of results.
Seizing children is allways traumatic, so I hope they are only going after the really bad cases where harm is evident. I sympathise with addicts up to the point where they are directly affecting another life, and baby neglect is a bad one.
Child sex slavery is worse than all the harms of drug neglected kids put together, and siezing/jailing/shooting those perps would help the world a lot, but I guess thats beyond the scope of this bill.

Once again, the Premier's favorite drug, alcohol is being ignored and the war on drugs carries on. Blow it out your arse Klein. Get drunk, pay for underage sex, and then go abuse some meth addicts - a perfect night out for the Premier.

Finally, I have to remind us all that many or most addicts are ill with undiagnosed mental or physical illnesses. Meth comes along real cheap, and wham, they WERE just medicating an illness and then now they are addicted to meth. Sometimes it starts with a doctor refusing to give out adequate pain medication like morphine, and the patients turn to the streets.

Personal story:
it happened to me - the clinic I went to when I moved to BC simply said "no, we don't treat chronic pain conditions with opiates [morphine] here, you wil have to go to a different doctor"
- and the next and the next ones said the same thing!!! The whole area was together on this.
Eventually , after 17 doctors, one prescribed me morphine and said "after 15 years on morphine, you can never hope to live without it" ... "Withdrawals AND unmasking your underlying pains will not be tolerable".
My first 15 years on morphine - it was ALL prescribed, none of it injected up until the doctors here cut me off, and I became a street addict up until this new doctor.

"Pharmaceuticals are the only drugs we take" is the great conspiracy today, besides GWBushCo stuff. Drugs are drugs, and morphine is both. There is no difference, except legally prescribed drugs make big profits for pharmaceutical corporations, and other drugs and herbs and vitamins cut into those profits. The whole media, law, and medical profession are in on this scam, and have been for 100 years. I am 50, I have had these pains for 30 years - when do I get to decide how I will treat them?


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Oct 6, 2005
Brooks, Alberta
I highly doubt that the province would take kids away from parents for non-commercial marijuana possession.

I mean, really. That is just nonsense. It is bad for everybody involved, and causes more problems than it would resolve.

No matter what side of the drug war you are on... I am sure that everybody can agree that this is a bad idea.

I cannot imagine anybody wanting to actually pursue this in court, and combat marijauna possession with kidnapping.

You cannot take hostages in a war on drugs.

Jo Canadian

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Mar 15, 2005
PEI...for now
:? I'm afraid crap like that can happen in any province. All it takes is a neighbour with a grudge or motive to call child services and report it, whether it's true or not.

:roll: Lord knows there are people who pull that here on the island for petty reasons...They should be drawn and quartered for wasting the provinces resources.