Alberta to push ahead private health care bill

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Nov 28, 2005
Alberta to push ahead private health care billThursday, January 26, 2006 Posted at 6:41 PM EST

Canadian Press

Edmonton — The Alberta government is moving ahead with its long-stated intention to allow more private health care.

Premier Ralph Klein says the party caucus has agreed unanimously to bring in legislation that would, among other things, allow people to buy private insurance for some procedures.

Another of the so-called “third way” reforms would allow doctors to practise in both the public and private health systems.

Mr. Klein admits that some of the changes might violate the Canada Health Act, but says that remains to be seen.

He also says it remains to be seen how the new Conservative minority government of Stephen Harper will react.

Mr. Klein says his government will likely table its new health law in the upcoming session of the legislature, which begins next month.

well, the game of "what will the future of healthcare look like" is poised to begin.


Council Member
Mar 21, 2005
It is a provincial jurisdiction. It should be the provinces who decide how best to meet the needs of their people. Remember, the provincial government is accountable to the people of Alberta. Much more so than the federal government in Ottawa. I'd trust local government over the feds any day of the week.


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Nov 1, 2005
RE: Alberta to push ahead

Wow...Le Roi did not wait long to push his agenda forward..King R must have been chomping at the bit.

Gah, I friggen hate him. I hate the fact that for OVER HALF MY LIFE, he has been in power. My entire life and 3 premiers. I've had more pets for cripes sakes. He talks about the Liberals being in power to long....hello Pot, it's Kettle calling.

Gah..have I mentioned how much i hate him. I can put up with a PC gov't in Alberta. It's literally just him I hate. Him and his evil sidekick Lyle Oberg. When Ralph Retires, i pray to anything that will listen that SS Oberg will NOT be elected in his place.

Ok..nuff ranting. :p