78 arrested in Ontario human trafficking probe


Nanah Potato
Mar 26, 2003
78! wow.


LONDON, Ont. -- Police in southwestern Ontario say 78 people have been arrested in a human trafficking investigation.

London, Ont., police say 18 women who were involved in the sex trade as a result of alleged human trafficking were assisted during the investigation -- dubbed Project Equinox -- that began on Oct. 4, 2016.
They say the alleged victims -- ranging in age from 15 to 55 -- were relocated to a safe place away from their alleged traffickers and provided with supports.

Investigators say they concentrated on three aspects of human trafficking -- identifying people who were answering escort ads, suspects engaged in human trafficking, and possible victims.

They say a total of 129 criminal code charges were laid, including four human trafficking charges and 24 drug charges. Thirty-five alleged customers were also charged.

Police say officers seized drugs, cash and weapons, including knives, an expandable baton and a rifle.

78 arrested in Ontario human trafficking probe; 18 alleged victims assisted | CTV News


Time Out
Mar 16, 2007
Red Deer AB
Hopefully a cattle prob. I hope that is just the start rtather than the police thinking they got them all.


Rock Hard Member
Mar 19, 2006
This is a major issue in the sex trade, especially concerning Eastern European women. Often they come to this country with the promise of employment only to find themselves indebted to a criminal organization that represented itself as job placement. I remember listening to a documentary in which a Romania women came to this country after answering an ad that offered employment as a nanny. When she arrived she found herself in the clutches of criminals, who took her passport and claimed that she owed them for all of the costs associated with bring her over. She ended up being a stripper and a prostitute and finally got away from these scumbags after a year or two (I can't remember the exact amount of time). This story, which is just one among many completely changed my outlook on the industry that employs strippers. While not all of them are there under threat, I am quite sure some are and therefore, even if I were single and invited to such a place for drinks, I would decline.