2022 CFL Season


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May 28, 2007
Toronto, ON
I wound up seeing Winnipeg @ Hamilton on Saturday. A mutual friend of my son and I wanted to do that game. He wound up cancelling. Not a fan of Hamilton the team, city or their stadium. Who builds a stadium without public parking or access to real public transportation? I didn't really like either team but given the Roughriders are not going to catch Winnipeg in the west we elected to cheer for them. Unfortunately, the Tiger Pussies won. It was a solid win. If I did not know the record I would not have guessed Winnipeg was 12-1 and Hamilton was 3-9. Winnipeg's D failed to prevent a score of some sort on exactly 1 drive. Well 2 if you count the kneeldown drive.

I want to say this will be my last trip there but I have tickets to see Saskatchewan visit in October. Since the Saskatchewan @ Toronto game was in Halifax this year this was my only choice see the Riders play. They cancelled the Saskatchewan @ Toronto game last year too as part of their covid shortening.
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