2022 CFL Season


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Mar 18, 2013
Washington DC
I'm annoyed that the WHOLE DAMN LEAGUE is playing in the West while I'm in Ontario.

Easternmost game is in WPG.

Oh, well, sucky season anyhow.


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May 28, 2007
Toronto, ON
I wound up seeing Winnipeg @ Hamilton on Saturday. A mutual friend of my son and I wanted to do that game. He wound up cancelling. Not a fan of Hamilton the team, city or their stadium. Who builds a stadium without public parking or access to real public transportation? I didn't really like either team but given the Roughriders are not going to catch Winnipeg in the west we elected to cheer for them. Unfortunately, the Tiger Pussies won. It was a solid win. If I did not know the record I would not have guessed Winnipeg was 12-1 and Hamilton was 3-9. Winnipeg's D failed to prevent a score of some sort on exactly 1 drive. Well 2 if you count the kneeldown drive.

I want to say this will be my last trip there but I have tickets to see Saskatchewan visit in October. Since the Saskatchewan @ Toronto game was in Halifax this year this was my only choice see the Riders play. They cancelled the Saskatchewan @ Toronto game last year too as part of their covid shortening.
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