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    Auditor Questioning environment ministry
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    LPOC, the party that just keeps giving.

    Wow, just wow.
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    Kayne West Kanye West is an artist, producer, record label executive and fashion designer, but that’s apparently not enough for the multi-hyphenate. Now, the hip-hop powerhouse is looking to add another...
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    Let's change it up a bit from the usual. The following people are facing charges in connection to the incident: Alden Jacque Blackplume, 54, of Lethbridge Ernest Charles Crane Chief, 48, of Lethbridge...
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    Congratulations to the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Duchess Megan. May your marriage be full of love and laughter, and last till death do you part. Long live the Queen.
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    Just for Ealesmack

    Merry Christmas.
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    Trudeau not in the country

    OTTAWA - Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the 2016-2017 New Year’s Eve was “150 years in the making and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to ring in the New Year together.” But Trudeau was not in the country he leads at it marked the beginning of it’s 150th anniversary year. He and his family...
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    The Greatest

    The Greatest has left us. RIP, you will be missed. And if you don't know who "The Greatest" was, then don't bother posting in the thread.
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    Quick, someone get a hold of DiCaprio. It's Global warming. 2016 to be one of the coldest May long weekends in 40 years in Calgary |
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    Last survivor of Nazi death camp Treblinka dies in Israel

    JERUSALEM – Samuel Willenberg, the last survivor of Treblinka, the Nazi death camp where 875,000 people were systematically murdered, has died in Israel at the age of 93. Only 67 people are known to have survived the camp, fleeing in a revolt shortly before it was destroyed. Advertisement...
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    First Nations told to "Get a damn job."

    I love this man. Clarence Louie says things anyone other than a respected indigenous leader couldn’t get away with. His advice to young men on his home reserve? “Get a damn job, be a man. It should be embarrassing for you to raise your kids on welfare.” Looking to succeed in the workplace...
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    sex crimes, damn muslims...oh wait, she's not muslim

    With 30 years of experience as a prosecutor and judge, Justice Earl Wilson said he's never seen a case as bizarre and depraved as the sexual, physical and emotional torture of young women at the hands of Amanda McGee. The 33-year-old Calgary woman pleaded guilty to eight charges including...
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    cocaine seizure.

    another example of how atheists are ruining this country. $1.7M worth of cocaine seized during traffic stop west of Edmonton |
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    Contraversial dating site

    This is all cool - The Asian Dating Network But this...OMG!!!!!! Where White People Meet | Find your mate, find them here! A billboard in Utah is raising eyebrows and leaving some...
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    The Truth and Reconciliation Commission wants an appology from Pope.

    I would REALLY like to know WHY the TRC is expecting or wanting an apology from Pope Francis?
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    Put this in your pipe and smoke it, vegetarians.

    Eating lettuce more than three times worse for environment than eating bacon: Study While studies have shown that eating meat is bad for the environment, a new study has found that eating your veggies can be worse. A study out of Carnegie Mellon University found that following the United...
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    30 guns siezed

    RCMP provided an update Monday on the investigation into the deaths of three people found in a home near Edson, Alta. on Nov. 29. On Friday, the Edmonton Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed all three people – 46-year-old Daniel Miler, 36-year-old Roxanne Berube, and 16-year-old Jazmine Lyon –...
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    Man set to recant oath to the Queen right after citizenship ceremony

    TORONTO – A soon-to-be Canadian has served notice that he plans to recant the mandatory Oath of Allegiance to the Queen immediately after he becomes a citizen. In a letter sent to the citizenship court judge earlier this month, Dror Bar-Natan states his opposition to the oath, which he calls...
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    Super (Georgia) Trooper.

    A Georgia State Patrol Trooper had to tell four young children on Halloween that their parents had died, but instead, he decided to let them have one more fun-filled day before breaking the tragic news. Trooper Nathan Bradley was sent to retrieve Justin, Amaya, Damien and Travion, ages six to...