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  1. gerryh

    New definition of hate to be included in Liberal bill that might also revive contentious hate speech law

    I would hope then that the following person and her supporters would be charged under this new legislation.
  2. gerryh

    'Man, I've seen a lot of people die': Canada's other health crisis

    And, of course, the patients/people hold no responsibility for their choices. Yes, everyone has a choice in what their treatment looks like and what the long term effects, both good and bad, are.
  3. gerryh

    Truckers doing a little off roading

    not a surprise. That's what happens when you allow brainless twats, hopped up on wakey wakey pills behind the wheel.
  4. gerryh

    Congratulations President Elect Joe Biden!!

  5. gerryh

    COVID 'clusters' turning up in Alberta's feedlot alley

    Probably truckers spreading it around.
  6. gerryh

    Unclear wording of CERB eligibility means some recipients asked to pay everything back

    Cra didn't screw up, and neither did the libs, in this case. Self employed income has always been calculated as income after expenses. That's what you get taxed on.
  7. gerryh

    Welcome to the new Canadian Content Forums!

    Looks good, @Andem
  8. gerryh

    Auditor Questioning environment ministry
  9. gerryh

    LPOC, the party that just keeps giving.

    Wow, just wow.
  10. gerryh

    Kayne West Kanye West is an artist, producer, record label executive and fashion designer, but that’s apparently not enough for the multi-hyphenate. Now, the hip-hop powerhouse is looking to add another...
  11. gerryh


    Let's change it up a bit from the usual. The following people are facing charges in connection to the incident: Alden Jacque Blackplume, 54, of Lethbridge Ernest Charles Crane Chief, 48, of Lethbridge...
  12. gerryh

    The REAL Human Cause of Climate Change

    That's rhetorical, right? After all, its avro.
  13. gerryh

    Tesla car battery production releases as much CO2 as 8 years of gasoline driving

    And he doesnt address the mining of the rare earth minerals needed for any of the "clean" tech nor does he address what we do when this "clean " tech needs to be disposed of. I give him a d- at the most.
  14. gerryh

    Tesla car battery production releases as much CO2 as 8 years of gasoline driving

    At this point in time, I dont think there is any "clean" energy.
  15. gerryh

    How the GW myth is perpetuated

    OMG, look it up. Were you sleeping in school?
  16. gerryh

    How the GW myth is perpetuated

    Btw, you dont know either.
  17. gerryh

    How the GW myth is perpetuated

    You'll have to edit that again.
  18. gerryh

    How the GW myth is perpetuated

    No idea, same as I have no idea what the driving forces have been from the begining of time. That being said. I'm also not so arrogant as to believe mankind is so omnipotent as to be able to do anything really significant in that regard.
  19. gerryh

    How the GW myth is perpetuated

    It always has. It is not static. This really shouldn't be a surprise. You did go to school, right? You learned about the different periods in earth's history and what the climate was at that time? You do realize that the climate during the jurasic was far different than it is now, right? Or the...